Dryer problems can be the cause of a lot of frustration, mainly when you depend on your equipment as your livelihood.

When it comes to laundry, things can go sideways pretty quickly when you have a washing machine or dryer that is malfunctioning.

In the case of your clothing coming out of the dryer being still wet or your dryer isn’t running from the get-go, you may experience one of the following issues.

5 Most conventional Dryer issues and solutions

1. The Dryer is making unusual noises or is vibrating

The likely culprit could be due to a failed dryer drum seal. This is generally caused by coming into contact with foreign objects or frequent overloading of the unit.
  • Solution: The seal needs to be replaced.

2. The Dryer is running but not heating up as it should be

The problem could be the result of a faulty thermal fuse. This usually happens due to blocked ventilation, consistent overloading of the unit or clogged lint screens.
  • Solution: In case of it being a broken thermal fuse, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

3. The Dryer is not running at all

A dryer that is not running may be due to a faulty thermal fuse. As mentioned before, this part malfunctions due to blocked ventilation, the lint screen being blocked or overloading the unit.

4. The dryer is running, but the clothes are not getting dry

This problem could be due to a broken heating element. The cause of the issue may be the result of blocked ventilation, consistently overloading of the unit or a clogged lint screen.
  • Solution: If the heating element is failing, it will have to be replaced.

5. The dryer is running but shuts down immediately afterwards

The likely reason for this malfunction could be due to a broken thermostat which may be caused by a clogged lint screen, blocked ventilation or continuously overloading of the unit.
  • Solution: in case of it being a faulty thermostat, it must be replaced.


The most likely reasons for a faulty dryer always come down to these common causes:
  • Overloading the unit – oversized loads take a lot longer to dry and uses more energy.
  • It has a clogged lint screen – allowing the lint screen to get clogged and not cleaning the vent regularly. It is advisable to clean the lint screen after every load and give it a thorough clean every three months by washing it with a small amount of washing detergent and rinsing it thoroughly. Don’t attempt to clean the vent yourself. Call an expert to clean the vent in the approved manner and safely.
By doing the basis dryer maintenance and avoiding the three ways people are abusing their dryers most commonly, you can have your dryer in mint condition and working longer. Irrespective of your dryer not heating up as it should be or making unusual noises, it’s always best to contact a professional to diagnose and repair the issue.