Laptops Theft is a Huge Deal. Use these Tips for Preventing the Theft of your Laptop. 

Think about your laptop and what you use it for. No matter what, your computer needs to be protected from theft so here are some ways in which you can do that.

Has it happened to you?

No matter what you use your laptop for, a laptop is a valuable resource. Sadly, other people also find laptops as a useful tool even though they might not have one for their own usage. This fact leads to the event in which a computer is physically stolen. Maybe this problematic event has happened to you or somebody that you know already. If not, then good for you but everyone, however, will benefit from these pointers on how to prevent laptop theft.

Here are 8 tips to prevent your laptop from being stolen:

1. Do not leave your laptop unattended.

Whether you need to go to the washroom or step away to consult your child, never lose sight of your laptop. This is especially true when in a public place. Keep your eyes on the prize. 

2. Always take your laptop with you.

This point is very closely tied to the previous and first point. Do you need to throw something away? Do you need to go and order some food? Whatever event is pulling you away from your device, it’s not important enough that you can’t take a minute to close your laptop, pick it up, and carry it with you to wherever you’re going.

3. Make it personal.

Many laptops that are used today are similar, if not identical, in make and model. This can make laptop theft easy as you, and who you choose to ask for help, won’t be able to distinguish who’s laptop belongs to who exactly.

The solution?

You can easily personalise your laptop so that you know it’s yours. You can make your laptop unique by decorating it with stickers, cases, engravings, or whatever artistic adventure that lets you show your true colours.

4. Lock it up.

A great feature about a laptop is that it's lightweight and portable. Therefore, you can bring your laptop with you to many places. Places where some people bring their laptop to includes but is in no way limited to, the office, the gym, your school, etc. However, many of these places are public, along with having a large number of pedestrians inside. 

On the bright side…

Luckily enough, many of these places come with either free lockers or lockers that cost a minimal fee. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you bring your own lock and use a cabinet to secure your laptop when it is not in use. 

The glory of your own office

Besides lockers, there are also other key and lock methods of protecting your laptop from physical theft. If you have an office, for example, you can lock up your valuable items, along with your laptop, when you are out on a break or any other means.

In addition to lockers.

Also, if you do not have a locker or office, but you are in a familiar place such as a workforce, you can always lock up your laptop and other items if you have them as well, in a spare room, cabinet or even a closet.

5. Plan Ahead

This next tip should apply to you if you fit these criteria.

  • Are you prone to losing things?
  • Do you easily misplace objects?
  • Are you easily distracted in public settings?
  • Are you clumsy?
  • Have you had things stolen from you before?
  • Do you live in an area that is known for its high theft rate?

If you have answered yes to any of the above statements, then listen up. This next tip might be for you.

This is simple; buy a budget-friendly laptop. Therefore you can easily replace your essential piece of technology in the case that it gets taken.

Luckily for you, our friends at Portable Monkey have written a great guide on the best laptop under 500 dollars. Check it out here!

6. Install a tracking device.

A sneaky method of protecting your laptop from being literally taken is by installing a tracking device on your laptop. Means of tools that you can use for laptop tracking. There are many different ways that you can track the location of your laptop. These following methods are all useful. Feel free to choose the method that best fits your style and way of living. 

7. Physical trackers.

Physical tracking devices stand apart from your laptop. You will need to buy these physical trackers separately and connect them through touch to your laptop.

Tile mate.

A highly recommended physical tracker includes tile mate. Tile mate is a small, white square (like a tile henceforth the name) from the makers at Bluetooth. By purchasing Tile Mate you will be given easy to follow instructions on how to connect the tile to your laptop and how to activate it.

A great thing about Tile Mate is that you can use these devices to track your other valuable belongings as well! From keys to phones or anything else that you want to know where it is. Check out Tile Mate here!

8. Virtual trackers.

A different method of laptop tracking includes online tracking. Online monitoring comprises purchasing apps through your computer. These apps usually cost much less than physical trackers.

Apps that are available.

Many apps are currently available on the market in today’s world. One highly recommended app is called Find My iPhone by Apple.

How to use Find My iPhone.

The Find, My iPhone app by the Apple company, is quick to set up as well as easy to use. This app can be used to find all of your Apple products including phone and IPad. This app works by synchronising your device to your ICloud account. From your ICloud settings, you can then locate where your device is. Or, you can choose the option of playing a sound which will then prompt the lost device to admit beeps where you can then follow the music until you locate your lost piece of technology.

This is especially useful when you believe your laptop had been taken but is still near you. Check out Find My iPhone here!

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