I’ll tell ya what, if you think the never-ending Do Follow/No Follow debate is madness, then the “How links should open, same window/new window” runs a close second.

If you’ve been reading blogs for more then 5 minutes, you’ve run across several debating this issue…maybe even been involved yourself.

On the off chance you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the gist…

When a blogger links out in an article, whether it be an internal link to another article on the same blog or an external link to another site altogether, he/she can either set up the connection to open in a new window or leave as is to open in the same window.

It’s a usability issue; what’s easiest/less irritating for the visitor. As with most debates of this nature, the results are almost always split 50/50 or pretty darn close…aggravating, I know.


The three most common answers are: ALL new windows, all the same window, OR, “It depends on where in the article the link appears.”

The main arguments for * all the same window* seems to be how irritating it can be to have new windows popping up everywhere while clicking links, and, stop assuming what your readers want (new window lol). Let them decide for themselves (they can right-click link for choices)

The main arguments for *all new windows* seems to be not having visitors taken off-site, and newbies might not know the right-click option.

I think “It depends on where in the article the link appears” is the most confusing of all.

The premise here is, for example, if you have a link at the beginning of the article, open it in a new window, so the reader doesn’t go off-site before finishing the piece. If the link appears towards the end of the article, have it open in the same window and hope they back-space to read more articles.

Usability at it’s worst if you ask me, especially for beginners. Either way, it should be all or nothing in my humble opinion.


OK so that was perhaps a little more than a “gist”, did you understand it all?

Now then, the main point of this post! How will contextual links open here on All New Windows?

Of course, old-hats can right-click links to there heart's content and open them any way they want.

I, however, am one of those I mentioned above; I don’t want any one leavin’ my site, lol, plus and more importantly, newbies may not know the right-click trick…my main readership is…..wait for it…..beginners!


Your Turn: OK hit me with it, let me know below if you either don’t care or if you’ll never visit again because I gave you pop-up windows.

Also – do you have a relevant new window/same window article debate on your blog? Feel free to link to it in your comment. Please be neat about it and use the proper HTML as follows: