Introducing your kids to musical instruments is the best thing that you can do for them during their early years as this would provide them with a learning experience and develop their ability to learn about sound and language. Learning musical instruments come with great benefits as it helps in improving memory, aids in enhancing auditory skills, kill boredom, and keep them engaged in something productive. There are plenty of musical instruments out there to choose from, just figure out what would interest your kid the most and plan out gifting it to him. To avoid confusion as to how to prepare a meaningful gift for your rock-lover boy, then here are a few suggestions that you can consider picking up as a gift for your little one:

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Wind Instruments

Brass instruments such as trumpets, tubas, trombones, and others along with woodwind ones such as flutes and saxophones are not an excellent choice for a kid under the age of 9 as these need to mature lungs and diaphragm which are not found in kids of this age group. Also, kids would not be able to take proper care of the instruments which is highly required. Instead, you can go for low-cost wind instruments that make reasonably good sounds and can help the kids to learn about basic breathing skills along with facial muscle and finger movement.

As for the recorder, you can pick up a simple one in plastic or the resin soprano that can make a sound as if it were a flute. As a piece of advice, a recorder that comes with German fingering is easy to learn than the one with baroque fingering. In this, you can also get two or three-piece instruments.

Harmonica and kazoo are other two options that you can get for yourself. These are readily available at any of the music stores both online and offline but make sure that you purchase ones of better quality. These instruments can be availed in both plastics as well as metallic designs. If you wish to make your kids learn about a device with a contraption, then there is no better choice than a sax flute as it can be built in a large number of configurations and designs.

Piano and keyboard

Kids who love to play piano and keyboard and be introduced to these instruments and there is no restriction while choosing these as they purely require finger coordination. These two instruments are probably the ones that are better off when you are using them for playing music. Start with little keyboards if your kids are small and below eight years. For children in a higher age group, you can choose more sophisticated sets. With this, they would be able to learn about tonal voices. You can even start with introducing them to the basic rhymes and songs and move on to complex ones once they feel comfortable with the eyes. Once they are satisfied with the necessary lessons, you can take them to learn formal ones and get better with the music.

String Instruments

Start with the basic ones such as a ukulele which is just available in every size and would be perfect to introduce the kids to the string instruments. There are different kinds of ukulele present in the market such as a concert, soprano, and others, which have different sound qualities. You can pick up the one that you feel is the best for your kid and later on introduce them to the other types once they acquaint themselves with this instrument. As for the guitars, you would not probably find the right size for your kid as they are often big and are perfect for kids of 12 or above age group. Also, go for synthetic strings rather than metal ones so that the kids can easily strum on them without applying too much pressure.

Drums and Percussion Instruments

Start by teaching your kids on home utensils such as trays, plastic pots, and cups along with wooden spoons and spatulas for drumming. They would find it fun to experiment with these utensils and would probably develop an interest in drums. It will help them when they will learn how to play bongos. If you happen to see some interest in your kids regarding drumming, you can then purchase them small plastic kits that would be easy for them to use. But make sure that the drums have synthetic heads as they produce better sound quality and would prove to be a great learning instrument during the initial stages. 

Bongo is another instrument that is great for kids to learn. With this, they would be able to learn the basics of drumming and can get perfect with them. If your kid is around four or five, you can consider buying a djembe which can be moved around and would provide ideal seating space for the kids. If you want to see more musical instruments for your kids or for yourself then you can simply check this awesome blog