Coffee is much more than a morning treat or an afternoon pick-me-up. It can impact our lives and our health in positive ways that we may not have thought about.

While caffeine can get a bad rap in this era of wellness, coffee lovers can now feel even better about consuming their beverage of choice.

Here are five health benefits linked to coffee's daily consumption.

1. Coffee improves focus and memory

Caffeine is a stimulant that improves focus, attention, and concentration. This increased alertness and wakefulness are helpful when studying, working, or performing long, tedious tasks. When faced with distractions, coffee can help draw your attention to the job and promote clear thinking.

This reduced fatigue can improve short-term memory. Research shows that coffee can enhance memories up to 24 hours after consumption.

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2. Coffee may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia

The long-term impacts of coffee on the brain are still being studied and understood. Nonetheless, research so far supports coffee's positive effects on cognitive decline.

One study, in particular, suggests that three to five cups of coffee per day during midlife can lower the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease in later life by 65%.

The high levels of polyphenols in coffee can directly reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

3. Coffee lowers the risk of stroke for older women

According to the Journal of the American Heart Association, women who drink more than one cup of coffee daily have a 22% to 25% lowered risk of stroke.

In fact, this study of over 35,000 women aged 49 to 83 indicates that drinking no coffee may slightly increase the risk of stroke.

The authors believe this may be due to its ability to reduce inflammation, making the body more responsive to insulin.

4. Coffee reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes

In a study of almost half a million individuals, at least four cups of coffee daily reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 50%. Each additional cup of coffee may decrease this risk by seven percent.

Therefore, regularly drinking coffee can be a safe and inexpensive way to help prevent this incurable illness.

5. Coffee lowers the risk of oral cancers

Authors of a study from the American Cancer Society say drinking four or more cups of coffee daily halves the risk of death from oral cancer.

The variety of antioxidants, polyphenols, and other active compounds in coffee are thought to help protect against developing mouth and throat cancers.