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Why to do electrical inspection before buying home?

Electrical inspection is a necessary job before we are planning to finalise a deal regarding buying a house. It is of utmost importance that the electrical connections are all placed quite wisely, safely and in a user-friendly manner as well. The earthing and the wiring system that is internal must be adequately inspected otherwise accidents might occur. Before buying a house, we all tend to check the infrastructure, the walls, the ceiling, the floor, the interior design and the drainage system as well but we often keep on forgetting about going through the electrical wirings that are there throughout the house. 

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But before all these we must keep in mind, we have not mastered in electrical inspections and hence, consulting with an expert like Fuse Contracting in this arena is always better than self-investigation of the technical issues. To contact and hire an electrician is the best option.

The two primary reasons for an electrical inspection are as follows-

  • When we want to buy a house we always want the best out of it, also we want the house in its best possible condition. This is a significant reason for a thorough checking of the electrical wirings and connections inside the house. 
  • Another primary reason for electrical inspection that too with the help of a professional is fire safety. The safety of the house from electrical shocks, short circuits or significant fire outbreaks is to be ensured, hence, inspection. 

Checking the outdoor outlets is important

The receptacles are to be checked well especially in a few places such as the outdoor outlets, bathrooms (water contact), garage and so on. Kitchens and basements should also be checked as these places are usually damp and shabby, and any other place where there might be the risk or possibility of water contact should always be reviewed well. Most of the fire breakouts are noticed from garages or basements hence, one must be extra careful. Also, a kitchen is the riskiest place in the entire house, and the washroom is where electrical outlets can have contact with water; hence, prevention is better than cure.

Few tips to check electrical mistakes and overloaded circuits

  • One must check the attic area of the house or the basement might be where they can find the overloaded circuit (if any). This thing if found is to be reported immediately and is very risky as well. 
  • To get hold of the incorrect wirings, one must check the electrical connections carefully so that they can understand when and how long ago the wires were installed. 
  • The age of the electrical installations is to be investigated about. 
  • Reporting an issue about too old wiring system is compulsory.
  • Checking the wiring material is essential. One must check if the wiring is made of aluminium or not. 

Updated electrical service panel must be on the checklist

The electrical service panel must be of the new and latest version and hence, checking if that has been updated or not is of utmost importance in this case. To test the updated versions of everything regarding aesthetics is mostly done first but to keep in mind the safety issues service panels must be monitored.
  • The significant perk here is, if we find any mistake we can report that to the seller and move on to another option 
  • Also, if any minor fault is considered the seller gives us some discounts hence, we can save up financially.
  • Finally, prevention is always better than cure. 

Getting rid of the outdated stuff is necessary

We always prefer the latest versions and new stuff for our home, and hence, it is imperative to look into the age of electrical installations. The wires and sockets, when used for a long time, are supposed to get worn out and eroded hence, require replacement. Also, technology is developing at a leap forging pace, that’s why whatever is the latest state of the art today might get outdated tomorrow. It is better to keep a check on that.

Future expansion planning and provisions for that

We buy a house with some future planning and thoughts; hence, we must keep ourselves and the house prepared for that. The electrical connections, wiring and system are no exception and must have the amenities for expansion.
  • The grounded wire is necessary for that 
  • Checking the national electrical code is imperative 

We often forget outdoor lighting; hence, along with the indoor electrical connections, one must check the free electrical points as well. These are some of the points that must be kept in mind before we crack a deal regarding buying a house. Along with self-inspection, professional help is always better as they know about the Nitti gritty of the electrical domain. Aspects such as earthing, wiring, socket and switch placement and so on must be checked well.

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