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Thuso Phala drama queens turned party into a boxing ring

SUPERSPORT UNITED star Thuso Phala threw a BIG birthday bash last week.

But the party soon turned into a boxing ring for soccer babes.

Three famous WAGs collided at Danish Pub in Diepkloof, Soweto.

Lee-Ann Makopo
Thato Mokoena
Thatohatsi “Thato” Sejeng
Thatohatsi “Thato” Sejeng and Thato Mokoena ganged up against another WAG – luscious Lee-Ann Makopo.

The SunTeam witnessed the battle, which brought Thuso’s party to a pause.

Revellers were entertained by a catfight involving three fuming females.

A wig went flying as the two Thatos dragged Lee-Ann across the floor.

After the three-girl event, the SunTeam spoke to Sejeng, who was spitting fire.

She said: “We needed to deal with that girl. She’s the one responsible for leaks to the media. We needed to send a message out about our grievances. What’s sad about the whole thing is that she’s not denying it.

“She’s proud to make our lives miserable. She kept telling people we’re bad. But God will defeat her actions.”

Mokoena said: “Lee-Ann behaves like a snake. You can’t trust her. She’s poison. We went to the Danish Pub with friends, including Thato, and Lee Ann got there too, with her boyfriend Siyabonga Zulu.

“It was packed, so we went upstairs to chill. She followed us and pushed Thato. We tried to avoid her, but she kept following us around, as if she was fishing for a story to feed the media.

“Next thing, she broke a glass – then all hell broke loose. Her wig was on the floor and she was screaming. I don’t know – maybe her friends stole her wig.

“Lee-Ann is an attention seeker, she’ll do anything to be relevant. Her boyfriend didn’t intervene. I think he knows she’s crazy.”

Lee-Ann said: “Who’s Thato, anyway? She’s useless, together with her friend, they’re trying to get famous using my name. Do you know they’re prostitutes, they sleep around to get money.?”

Claims which the two ladies denied.

Phala refused to comment and hung up the phone.

Siyabonga could not be reached for comment.

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