Plastic Surgery


The consortium is a planned purchase system in which a group of people interested in acquiring the same kind of good or service jointly save money for future acquisition. These people pay installments each month until they are able to pay off the full amount of the contracted letter of credit . This is a more economical way of financing than conventional financing.

There are two ways of contemplating the participants, by bid or by lot .

In the case of the services consortium, participants seek credit for an aesthetic procedure, a makeover , a trip, or even a wedding part, among other possibilities.

We also list below the benefits that the consortium offers to consumers:

  • More affordable plots
  • There is no interest payment and IOF
  • Easier to get credit
  • Purchase power for cash payment of the service
  • Freedom of choice in the application of the value received
  • Planning: possibility of longer deadlines than those found in traditional financing

10 Tips To Be Read Before Having A Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is an operation that requires a lot of care, because it is working with the parts of your body and also because it is expensive. So, for those who intend to perform a plastic surgery, we list below 12 important tips that should be read before the operation:

Inquire from your surgeon. Look for his name in the register of the Plastic surgery people, to confirm if the surgeon has an ideal and reliable formation. Go through the preoperative period in which you know the surgeon in person, perform examinations. Be sure to clear any doubts you may have about the operation. Remember that there are no unnecessary questions. However simple and basic the doubt may be, remove all doubts with the doctor, so that you have confidence and confidence of your plastic surgery.

Ask for details about the procedure, possible postoperative complications, and possible preparatory measures to minimize surgical risk. Find out how the post-surgery healing phase will be.

Research well the prices of your surgery, as well as your procedures. There are no cheap surgeries and / or extremely simple procedures. Therefore, be wary of surgeons who offer excessively cheap prices and / or very simple and easy procedures.

Liposuction is not safe when performed outside the hospital setting.

Schedule yourself for the surgery and post-operation period, so you can rest without worrying about work or homework.

Follow the guidelines given by the post-operation physician for the recovery period. Remember that he is a trustworthy professional you have chosen. More than the advice of your neighbors, the surgeon's words are more reliable. Follow the medications prescribed by the doctor, obeying the times and the doses of the prescription.

Always make sure you do not miss appointments scheduled before and after surgery. A fault can be generated in the absence of an important orientation, which can result in some negative result in your aesthetic

Cigarette smoking increases the risk of surgery. Therefore, it is recommended not to consume for at least 30 days.

Come to the location in advance on the day of surgery. Wear loose and comfortable clothes, and also the dark glasses in case of surgeries of the eyelids.

12 famous who made plastic still young...

1. Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the most beautiful models in Brazil. But at the age of 11, she had surgery on her ears to change her appearance

2. Amanda Bynes

Actress Amanda Bynes, famous for the film "She's the Guy" (2006), has already stated on Twitter in 2013 that she had plastic surgery to remove the skin that was between her eyes. At the time, the famous was 27 years old

3. Anitta

The singer Anitta has already stated that she performed plastic surgeries on her face, like the procedure on her nose, done at the age of 18. She has also done liposuction to improve the curves. In her Snapchat in 2016, she recounted that when she was still a teenager and had not made plastic, she often uses Photoshop in her pictures to correct imperfections

4. Ariel Winter

Actress Ariel Winter was known for her role in the "Modern Family" series, where she started working as a child. By 2015, when she was 17, she underwent breast reduction surgery. In an interview she gave to SELF Magazine in 2017, she said that the procedure helped her become more confident with her body.

5. Carla Perez

The eternal muse of the group É O Tchan! began performing very new plastic surgery: when she was 21 in 1998, she placed 220 ml of silicone in her breasts. This was the first of some of the procedures the dancer has undergone: she has also had a nose job done the "silk light" treatment, which drains body fat and removes cellulites, and also a process called "Russian stimulation" to define the muscles

6. Fernanda Souza

The actress Fernanda Souza, who started working as a child on television in the novel "Chiquititas", has already performed three surgical procedures, starting when she was only 18 years old: she already had nose surgery, breast reduction and a liposuction

7. Iggy Azalea

Singer Iggy Azalea confirmed for Vogue magazine in 2015 that she put silicone on both breasts. At the time, the celebrity was 25 years old

8. Jennifer Pamplona

She is considered the Brazilian Susi doll. Jennifer Pamplona started making plastic surgery at age 17 and has already performed procedures such as rib removal, liposculpture, silicone in the breasts and rhinoplasty

9. Kaley Cuoco

Penny from the famous "The Big Bang Theory" series put silicone to enlarge her breasts when she was only 18 years old

10. Kylie Jenner

The Kardashian's younger sister, Kylie Jenner, was seventeen when she appeared with different lips. At the time, she denied, but recently admitted that she performed aesthetic procedures to increase the lips

11. Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow, when she was only 16, had surgery to change her nose before switching to high school. The actress is famous for having played the character Phoebe in the series "Friends"

12. Ludmilla

The first plastic surgery that funky singer Ludmilla did to modify her nose was at age 18 in 2013. The famous also performed a liposuction to thin the waist and bichectomy to reduce the cheeks.