Hair loss is a severe condition, and many women suffer in silence.
Some hide the damage under weaves and wigs not knowing that this can sometimes make the situation worse. Whether you have dreadlocks, relaxed hair, wigs, braids, weaves or natural hair, there are a few things you need to know to prevent hair loss.

Causes and Symptoms

Hair loss and balding is caused by many things. Aside from medical conditions like folliculitis induced alopecia, the most common causes of hair loss in young women are:
  • Too much use of chemicals on hair pulling of braids, plaits and ponytails keeping a weave on for too long are significant problems. 
  • Sometimes allergic reactions to synthetic hair can cause hair loss. When the scalp is itchy and a rash or bumps start to, or an itchy discomfort around the ear and neck occurs, you need to see a professional.
It is always important to do an allergy test before using any products, chemicals or wearing synthetic hair.

Preventing Hair loss

Before running to the hairdresser to relax your hair immediately when hair growth pops up, rather wait 2 months and give your hair time grow naturally.
  • Do not pull your hair too much when styling, plaiting or braiding. 
  • Avoid keeping braids for too long 
  • Minimise the use of chemicals 
  • Bleaching and harsh chemicals may cause damage to your hair 
  • Limit the use of hair dryer and hot iron 

Eating the right food for your hair

A healthy diet is good for your overall well being. Certain foods could slow hair loss and assist in hair growth. Food that contains Vitamin D, Omega-3 fatty acids and protein are great for salvaging your strands. Foods like Salmon, Yellow peppers, Eggs, Avocados, Oysters, Sweet potatoes and Sunflower seeds.