Sure, having the right technique is important, but what will keep her coming back is if you have a deeper understanding of women and what turns them on.


Here are four ways to give her the time of her life.

1. Women have love with their brains.

Men are more physically-motivated when it comes to love. A man can see what he wants and go after it merely for its physical attributes. Women, on the other hand, need to be mentally stimulated. If you want to wow her, excite her emotions and mind, and her body will follow. To do this, make sure you use the right words. Compliment her to boost her confidence and talk dirty to her by hinting about what you have planned so she’ll be thinking all day about how good she’s going to feel when she’s in your arms.

2. Take the lead

At her very core, a woman is more turned on by a man who knows how to take the lead. Women are more independent now than ever. They are parents, students, and career women – roles that require them to lead themselves and others. When she is with a man, a woman wants and needs to be able to surrender to him, and be feminine. In other words, she wants you to take the lead! Escort her to the bedroom. Take her hand and slide just where you want it. Be adventurous, open, and honest, and she will do the same!

3. It's a process

To make love so much more fun for a woman, remember this: Women are dials, men are switches. This means, women require gradual and steady attention to turn her on. Men are usually ready to get it on at the drop of a dime. Take your time, keep building the anticipation until she can't take it anymore. She'll go mad. If you’re about to kiss her, go in for the kiss…slowly. Kiss her legs up toward her thighs… almost painstakingly slow. It’ll drive her crazy! Remember, the anticipation of something is often better than actually getting it – for men and women.

4. Prioritize her pleasure

Replace the “What’s in it for me?” mentality with the “I love seeing her face and hearing her voice when I’m making her feel this good” mentality. Think of new ways to bring her pure bliss and make her climax to new heights! You can do this by:

  • Taking off her clothes first
  • Bringing her to orgasm before penetration
  • Asking her what she wants, and
  • Exploring the positions she enjoys.

If you make it a rule to be in the moment and take the time to pleasure her, you will have an extremely satisfied partner in your arms.