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The shocking way coca-cola affects your penis

Sure, we have all heard that loading yourself up with sugary drinks is unhealthy for everyone- men and women alike, but did you know how much danger this cola drink is to your penis?

A recent research which 2,554 men, found that cola addicts had an average sperm count of 35million per millilitre, compared to 56million per millilitre in those who consumed less Coke.
Chilled Coke

While a sperm count of 35million still falls within the normal range, it puts men more at risk of eventually becoming infertile.
And scientists noted that while getting an erection relied on a number of factors – both physical and psychological – certain ingredients in this fizzy drink appeared to contribute to the problem. They're claiming that a sweetener in the drink could damage arteries in the penis, which could prevent blood from flowing freely through it.
It would be easy to assume that maybe caffeine was behind these worrying statistics, but apparently there was no link between caffeine levels in cola and other drinks. So it's likely due to another ingredient.
In conclusion, the scientists who carried out this research have said that the odd can of coke is fine, but it might be worth cutting back if you're on a litre or more a day.

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