Vaginas are not supposed to smell like rainbows and sunshine, but they are also not supposed to smell so terrible either.

The smell of a woman’s vagina says a lot about her lifestyle. These are the main reasons according to that may cause bad vagina odour;

Bad Hygiene

A woman who does not bath regularly or does not know how to clean herself when she baths will have a bad smell down there. It is important for a woman to clean up at least once a day and every time she uses the restroom. The vagina is very susceptible to bad smell so every woman has to actively work towards keeping things fresh and clean.


Some sexually transmitted disease symptoms usually come in form of bad vagina smell. In fact, one of the first signs that something is not right with the vagina is when it suddenly starts to smell different and unappealing.


Sometimes, what a woman eats determines how she smells. Foods like fruits, strawberry, watermelon are usually great for vagina taste and smell while eating too much spicy foods will have the opposite effect.

Tight clothes

The vagina needs to breathe. Wearing tight underwear and clothes for hours can make things smell very rank. It is important to go for cotton panties and free clothes from time to time so that air would not be trapped in there, as this will cause a terrible smell when the clothes come off. Health experts have also advised going to sleep naked, or with minimal clothings.