My SO has and ex wife I have an ex husband that is sometimes life we all have pasts.
I have no hang ups that he was married before nor do I feel like Im competing with somebody else.
They have been divorced about 5 years not together for 7 years.

But she is calling every day we blocked her number but she can still leave answerphone messages.
they have a grown u daughter so no contact due to this.

When I first got into the relationship with him I had been friends with him for a long number of years so knew all about her constant harrasment. She has turned up even at my work I truly believe she has mental issues. 

She has very little contact with her daughter who is very close with us both.
The messages say things like does your girl know you arent divorced which they 100% are Ive seen all paperwork, Why dont you marry her – she does not know of our plans nor will she. I love you come home where you should be we have a future I make you happy. Sometimes its then abuse about how rubbish he is and how little anybody respects him.
I love my man with all my heart that is not in question. 

But how do I deal with the ex wife I did in the begining offer to sit and have a talk and explained that I would have respect for her as she was his daughters Mum and if she had any issues of how I was with his daughter she should come and be an adult and sit and talk but she would never be able to discuss mine and her exs private life as that is exactly what it is private.
She is not reasonable on any level but if I was to go shouting at her I think she would enjoy it and then it looks like I care about what she does I wont give her the satisfaction.
She is also at the end of the day the mother to his daughter and I love his daughter I dont ever want to loose her respect I have 2 daughters of my own that I adore and luckily so does he.
Any tips think I just needed to get this of my chest sorry for the moaning