I´m 27 years old, a musician and just got pregnant.
I´m terrified, my boyfriend of 3 years, whom I love, is 39 and he´s ok with it, but he´s a musician too and its not like we have a lot of money. I´m so worried I won´t be able to do my music and pursue my career in music because of the baby.
I left my job a year ago to finally pursue my dream in life and what makes me happy, I´m currently paying for my own record, no job, freelance stuff and just moved in with my BF.  I have NO stability, nothing stable in my life right now. 
I don´t know what to do.. I would love to have kids but maybe in a few years when I have more stability in my life, not right now when I can barely pay for my own things and remember my own stuff.
I feel I won´t be able to focus with a kid.
I´m scared all my freedom will go away, all the things I wanted to do will dissapear, I´m also terrified of telling my parents and friends, especially my bandmates.
I never really knew if I wanted kids, don´t really like them, they make me nervous.
I don´t know if I should have an abortion or not.. please help.