I have never believed in ghosts. I always thought it’s stuff people make up, or sometimes our brains can deceive us. But here is my story and I really need your advice:

In 2011, when I was still a student, I moved into an apartment in a building that was built in 1850. It was party renovated, but still looked very old, especially the doors and the ceiling. I kinda loved that though. I had two roommates. After we moved in, I found a lot of personal stuff in one of the bedrooms, so I called the landlady and joked ‘Did someone die her or why is there so much stuff left’? In a serious voice she told me that six months prior to us moving in, the previous tenant commited suicide in the apartment. I was shocked. Before someone says ‘By law she had to tell you before’- Apparently that doesn’t apply here, Spain. We decided to still stay in the apartment because none of us believed in ghosts and we really liked the apt. Not soon after, weird things started to happen. I don’t wanna go too much into detail, but I heard footsteps at night, and when I checked who’s walking through the hallway there was nobody. I started having sleep paralysis, a thing I’ve never experienced before. I saw shadows sometimes, so did my roommates. I knew I’m not making that up, because they told me the same. Once I sat in the living room which is directly next to the entrance, when a friend arrived at my place and went to the bathroom (which is on the opposit side of the apt). When he came back he said ‘Who came home?’ I said ‘Nobody, why?’. He said he heard the door slam, and that he clearly heard me speaking to someone, a male voice. Brrrr. Well, after 10 months of living there we moved out, and I moved away.

Fast forward to now. I came back to the same city to live, and I contacted my old landlady to ask her if she has an apartment for me by any chance (I knew she owns several apts). She told me just now she has an apartment free in the same building as I lived before, just on a different floor and smaller. It’s completely renovated (but you still see that the building is very old, the whole style of the ceilings etc.).  The apt had a great price and I wouldn’t have to pay an agency fee, so I said yes, even though I thought back of my old apartment in the same building. The first night in the apartment I had sleep paralysis again, something I haven’t had since the last time I lived in this building. Well, I thought, maybe it’s just because I’m worrying too much. Two days later, I asked my landlady if she has some professional pictures of the apartment because I wanted to send some to my parents. She did, and sent them to me. The second picture was taken from the kitchen, you see the living room in the background. I immediately noticed a dark person in the background, sitting on the corner of the couch. Even though the window is behind the couch and it’s broad daylight, the person looks extremely dark, you cannot really see a face or anything. What I noticed though is that the person wore clothes that aren’t modern nowadays, kind of boots and pants that people wore maybe a hundred years ago. His legs were also extremely thin, like not even looking like a real person. I was pretty creeped out and called the landlady to ask her if she knows who or what that is. She says the picture were taken by a professional agency (because at first she was planning to rent out the apt over an agency), and gave me their number to call them. I called them, and nobody there could tell me who actuall took the pictures (‘Sorry, we have so many employeed I’m really not sure’). Great.

Nothing happened in the next few nights. Today, I’ve been living exactly 8 days in the apartment. This morning before work I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, everything normal. Half an hour later I enter the bathroom again and the washing machine in the corner is switched on, and water is coming out from one of the tubes, wetting the floor. I immediately switched off the washing machine and cleaned the mess, but wtf? It’s impossible that I accidentally switched on the washing machine. I haven’t used it since last week, and the switch on button is a button that you have to turn to the right (you even need some strenghts for it). The washing machine is in the corner, it is absolutely impossible that I accidentally turned it to the right with my butt or so. Plus, even when the washing machine is switched on, there isn’t any water leaking out. I left to work, where I still am.

Now I’m creeped out. I mean, I never believed in ghosts, but there was so much stuff happening. In the old apartment of the same building, my sleep paralysis, that really weird picture with the dark man in old clothes, and now that washing machine accident. I don’t know what to think anymore. I don’t think I wanna move out because of this, because somehow I think that would be crazy?! But at the same time, I’m already feeling a bit nervous about coming home tonight. Plus, the building is from 1850, who knows what happened there in those 160 years. 
Do you believe in ghosts? What would you do in my shoes? And have you ever had a similar experience?