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A lot of people ask me if it's possible to make a decent living as a career blogger. The short answer is - Yes [That is what I do]. The question is, What is career blogging? It is setting up a blog and publishing contents on your chosen career, hobbies or passion, and attracting niche audience who is in love with your contents as your readers.

For example, I have a building engineer who owns a blog and publishes 
information on building practices, construction tips etc.

I have a medical doctor who blog on fertility issues, dentistry, and fitness.

I have an accountant who owns a blog on accounting, he writes and publishes 
information on how to use "Sage 50", PowerPoint, Financial modeling, 
Advanced Excel, Quick-books, etc.

The same goes with every practice under the heaven. You can actually create 
a blog for any chosen career of your choice, attract the exact same audience 
with similar interests as your fans, and explore your creativity.

Many people think that blogging is limited to setting up a blog, publishing news, 
gossips, and entertainment, without exploring thousands of other profitable niche markets or their own passion or hobbies.

It goes far beyond that. You can be a blogger in any of the following 
niche markets.

- Health blogger
- Relationship blogger
- I.T blogger
- Food blogger
- Political blogger
- Investment blogger
- Automobile blogger
- Real Estate blogger
- And so on

And you can make incredible amount of money doing this part time, than working a regular job.

The challenge is, many people do not know their passion or how to discover it,

They do not know how to focus on a target audience that will give them the 
attention they need to succeed.

They do not know how to get traffic to their blog, to get the exact audience 
they want to read their contents.

They do not know how to convert the attention from readers to patronage for 
the services they render.

They do not know exactly how to write in a way that captures attention that 
leaves their audience thirsting for more knowledge.

If you are educated and have ever wanted to create an extra income stream, 
but do not know how to do it, I have goodnews for you.

Just do the following...

1. Get a blog, 
2. Create amazing content, 
3. Attract the right audience, 

And you will succeed with whatever passion or business you have.