I was looking at my adverts on a popular network today and discovered that many of the clicks and visitors I got which translated to subscribers were searching out for my blog using the keywords…
“How to start a blog”
“How to create a blog”
“How to create a blog website”
“How to create a blog page”
“How to make money with a blog”
etcetera, etcetera...
You see when people in South African think about setting up a blog, 
this is what comes to their mind...

They think their blog must be focused on current affairs, gossip, 
and entertainment for it to be profitable.

They think because our beloved The Edge Search and other popular 
bloggers in that arena who have been so successful get so much 
traffic, that they will get the same results as well.

The next thing that comes to their mind is to sign up with Google Adsense 
or any of the network that publishes advert content on peoples blog and 
pay them peanut for doing so.

The funny thing is, even those who succeed in getting a Google 
Adsense approved and place on their website suddenly discovers 
that they are not getting enough traffic to make their blogs
profitable. And for those getting little traffic, they could not
convert it to money for themselves.

Now listen up…

If you want to build a successful and profitable blog that you 
are 100% in control of, you can do so by employing a different strategy.

And that strategy can be used to set up a blog in any career or market 
of your choice, and depending on how creative your ideas 
are and the angle you are blogging from, you can create an 
amazing and profitable blog doing the exact opposite of what 
popular celebrity bloggers are doing.

And to do that here are the blueprints you need to have in place...

1. Set up your blog [niche specific] 
2. Write great content in a specific industry
3. Drive traffic
4. Monetise

Before you go ahead with the above steps, I want you to bear in 
mind the following expectations...

a). Writing great content for your readers is the hardest part, 
but it gets easier overtime, especially if you want to build a 
real business that will provide a solid income for you for several years.

b). Blogging is easy, but it takes a while for relationship and
profit to start rolling in. The model I teach is the fastest 
blogging model to make a decent income from, and it’s opposed 
to the popular model that others spend 1 – 2 years before they 
start making money.

c). Attracting visitors to your blog is the single most important factor 
that will make it possible for you to make or earn money 
from your efforts. Fortunately, if you know how to pay for traffic,
you can easily attract up to 1000 – 2000 daily visitors to your 
blog, and if you can't pay for traffic, you can use your free time 
to engineer a process where you get a trickle of 25 - 100 daily 
visits using different social media platforms.