Luxury Stay
We only live once and when you work hard all year, you deserve a couple of weeks of pure unadulterated luxury, staying in a top-rated 5-star hotel in a tropical paradise such as Thailand. Forget about the cost, just that one time a year and immerse yourself in sheer opulence.

Phuket, Thailand

The perfect luxury stay at the M√∂venpick Myth Hotel in Patong Phuket won’t cost a fortune; the complex is elegant in style, with colonial architecture and imported Italian furniture. There is a fully equipped fitness centre, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and beautiful grounds with a section of private beach.

Family-friendly resort

If you are the head of a family, you will be glad to learn that there are special family packages that are all-inclusive, which means you don’t have to worry about accumulating a heavy bill. All the amenities, meals and soft drinks are included in the package and there’s so much for the kids to do.

Thai beaches

Stunning beaches with white sand and swaying coconut trees are ideal for a relaxing holiday; you and your partner can enjoy early morning and evening walks along the surf line and witness jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets. Click here for great holiday destinations for families in 2024.


Have you ever stayed in a luxury hotel where services are itemised and charged? By the time your holiday comes to a close, you suddenly are confronted with a huge bill, plus 10% service charge. This would spoil your holiday for sure; when looking at luxury 5-star hotels in Phuket, make sure your choice is an all-inclusive package which covers just about everything except alcoholic beverages. You can enjoy all of the amenities whenever you like without worrying about charges, which is more important for families.

Spa & massage

Thailand is the perfect place to enjoy sensuous massages from experts using essential oils and traditional Thai massage techniques. Use the sauna whenever you fancy and book an afternoon massage through an app. Living like a billionaire for a few weeks will recharge your batteries, leaving you ready to conquer the world!

Yoga & meditation

Of course, a 5-star hotel in Phuket is going to have a yoga studio with qualified instructors; set up an introductory one on one assessment and the expert can set a program for the duration of your stay. Meditation is art of sitting with oneself and with traditional Buddhist meditation instructors, you can learn the basics. There are many ways to meditate; you can stand, sit, lie down or even walk, it depends on you. Some think that to meditate means to completely clear your mind of any thought; this is impossible, the way to meditate is to focus on one thing, it might be your breathing, the ticking of a clock or anything with rhythm.

Spoil yourself with an all-inclusive package at one of Phuket’s 5-star hotels and you won’t regret it.