Selling products on Amazon is far from simple. As technology improves, the confusion that comes with online marketing increases as well.

Most people turn to online tools to make things a bit easier. However, every available Amazon tool is also completely different from another. You’re never certain of what you are getting until you’ve done your research.

Today, we’re looking into an Amazon tool known as AMZ Scout. We’ll take a look at what it does, what it offers, and how you can use it.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

What is AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout is a product research tool designed to help you with extra help and information on Amazon. If you need to know something about a specific product on Amazon then AMZ Scout is the tool for you.

The tool gives you information that is recent as well as provides old pricing to determine the potential volatility of the product in question.

The primary use of this tool is to estimate the value of your product listings in order to determine if they are worth keeping or not. On top of that, you can also look into other products that you haven’t listed to see if they would work better than the ones you already have.

Let’s take a look at the primary features of this tool now, shall we?

AMZ Scout’s Primary Features

#1 – Searching for Products

There are many tools that help you find what products are currently popular. AMZ Scout has a bit more value than that, however.

Instead of just showing current details, the tool always shows information from days, weeks, months, and even years before. You can use this information to determine what times of the year a product is more popular.

For example, if Christmas was coming up, you could look into the search volume increase from the year before to estimate how many may search it during Christmas this year.

AMZ Scout can take all this information and create a massive database for you. With all this information, it is much easier to determine what would be a good sale and what may be too risky.

#2 – Estimating Sales

Again, thanks to the huge amount of information provided by this tool, you can much more easily estimate the sales value of your current product listings.

The estimation will also help you have a good idea of what your budget should be with certain product listings. You will be able to determine approximately how much of a product you need to have available in order to meet the likely demand.

This isn’t foolproof, of course. The estimates are just those… estimates. It is impossible to know exactly what is going to happen in these situations.

That being said, AMZ Scout is one of the most accurate tools around to date. The estimates are made based on a massive amount of information, which makes the estimate far more likely to occur.

#3 – Calculating FBA Fees

For FBA sellers on Amazon, AMZ Scout is immensely helpful. The tool calculates the FBA fees for you ahead of time. This helps you determine the profitability of an item far better than you could estimate on your own. Besides that, you can check this fba course if you are interested in becoming an Amazon seller.

When it comes to selling this way, you need to consider the cost of shipping your product and the amount that Amazon will take a commission. Once you’ve taken those numbers off, you can see if you have any profit left.

Some Amazon stores actually have different tax rates, so it is really important that you use a tool such as this one to avoid getting caught out with fees that you didn’t expect. This will help you keep away from unforeseen losses.

AMZ Scout will show you if a product has high profitability or not through this one feature. This is one of the main reasons why people like using it.

#4 – Tracking Products

AMZ Scout comes with a tracker as well. This doesn’t mean it tracks moving packages, of course.

In fact, what it means is that the tool actually tracks your sales and your competition. The tool will see how much you are selling and the profits you are making and even compare those with your competitors.

This allows you to see if you are doing well or if your competitors are starting to overtake you. Armed with this knowledge, you are much more likely to stay ahead and find ways to overtake successful competitors.

#5 – Providing Supplier Information

If you are reselling a product through Amazon, it is still important to know the quality of this product. You can’t just latch onto whatever product looks good at the time.

AMZ Scout will actively search for high-ranking suppliers who reviewers say have excellent quality products.

This way, you will always be linked with high-quality products which will further improve your own reputation as well.

There is nothing worse than reselling a product that is faulty or poorly made. It does huge damage to your business and will likely leave you struggling to find customers.

This tool removes that risk as you will always have access to good suppliers!

Lifetime Subscription Advantage

The cost of these Amazon tools builds up over the years. While they are still well worth the cost based on how much success these tools bring many people, AMZ Scout has a huge advantage over most of them.

Instead of paying a small amount every week, month, or year, AMZ Scout offers a one-off lifetime payment. It costs equivalent to a year and a half of the general fees. This means that after two years, you will have made back the value of the tool and can still continue to use it.


Don’t just take our word for everything! If you’re really interested in the features we’ve discussed, go ahead and give AMZ Scout a try. It is easy to use and highly efficient.

Good luck and happy selling!