Apps for an Australian Adventure
Today’s cell phones are pocket-sized computers that hold more computing power than was ever dreamed of when the computer revolution started back in the 1980s.

These ubiquitous devices are used for much more than making phone calls and staying in touch. Google and Apple Play stores are filled with apps for everything from gaming to stock trading.

Apps aren’t only for mega-corporations. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are turning to apps to provide new services. All you need is an idea and an iOS app developer.

If you’re planning a trip Down Under what are some of the best apps to load up on your phone before you make the trip?

This is an essential app for travelling to Australia. You can book hostels, hotels and apartments around the country. With over 10,000 accommodation choices across Australia, there is something for every budget. You can also book flights, car rentals, cruises, and attractions, everything you need to have a memorable vacation.
  • Features: Hotel bookings, user reviews, filters for amenities.
  • Why it's useful: Extensive list of accommodations with detailed reviews and competitive pricing.

Dan Murphy’s

Dan Murphy’s is an Australian liquor store with over 250 stores around the country. If you plan to buy alcohol during your stay, then it’s worth downloading the Dan Murphy’s app and signing up for a free membership.

Members get access to discounts which can help you save a considerable amount of money. They are normally the cheapest store to buy alcohol at, and the discounts help you save even more.
  • Features: Access to a wide range of wines, beers, spirits, and premixed drinks.
  • Why it's useful: Allows you to explore and purchase a variety of local and international beverages, often at competitive prices.

Google Maps

Google Maps is useful anywhere in the world. Whether you’re walking around Sydney or driving the Great Ocean Road, Google Maps can help you find your way.

You can download offline maps so that you can navigate even when you don’t have a cell signal.
  • Features: Navigation, local business info, public transportation schedules. 
  • Why it's useful: Comprehensive and reliable for driving directions, walking routes, and finding nearby attractions.


CamperMate is another excellent app for road trips around Australia. It’s a free app that lists campsites, caravan parks, facilities and points of interest. The app shows locations on a map so you can coordinate your route and find the most convenient campsite.
  • Camping Sites and Accommodations: Find and book campsites, caravan parks, and other accommodations.
  • Facilities and Amenities: Information on toilets, showers, and other essential amenities.
  • Why it's useful: Essential for road trips and outdoor adventures, helping you locate and book suitable places to stay.


If you're coming from out of the country you will need telephone service. Yesim offers exceptional value compared to other electronic SIM card providers.

They offer a variety of plans from a few days to a month or more. Their data package works on both Vodafone and Optus in 4G, these are two of the top network providers in the country.
  • Digital SIM Card: Activate an eSIM for mobile data without needing a physical SIM card.
  • Why it's useful: Eliminates the need to switch physical SIM cards and provides seamless connectivity.


If you’re planning a road trip you want to have a good music streaming app. Road tripping in Australia involves some very long-distance driving. Having a good playlist is a great way to make the drive more enjoyable.

With a premium subscription, you can download playlists offline, so even if you lose signal you can keep listening.
  • Extensive Library: Access millions of songs, albums, and playlists.
  • Why it's useful: Keeps you entertained during long drives, flights, or downtime.

Australia is a vast country filled with spectacular sights and awesome people. It’s very easy to get here and tourist visas are very easy to get for most people.

With so much to see and do, it’s unlikely you will get to it all in just one trip. This is what keeps people coming back to Australia year after year to experience this wonderful place we call home.