A job interview means a company wants to get to know you better. It’s an opportunity to show yourself in your best light. It can be a nerve-wracking experience but it’s important to appear confident and prepared. How can you boost your confidence before and during a job interview?

Get Organised

The worst thing you can do for your confidence is not feeling ready before the interview. There are lots of things you can do to prepare yourself. Look at the company website and make sure you understand their values. Prepare questions you want to ask them to find out more about them and the role. Also, if you’re doing the interview in person, make sure you have planned your journey From a common commute to a longer route such as the London to Hartlepool train, give yourself plenty of time to get there.

Plan Answers

Another thing you can to help combat your nerves is to have some answers ready in advance. That way, you won’t feel flustered or caught out. Also, it will help if you talk through your answers rather than just jot down notes. You can do a practice interview with a friend or family member. You might want to answer questions as quickly as possible, but if you slow down and take pauses you’ll appear much more confident. You'll also want to prepare for any assessments and talent test they may ask you to do in your interview. While these usually take place in the second or third interview, it is always worth researching a few questions to prepare.

Dress for Success

You can also take actions on the day of your interview to help boost your confidence. You want to pick an outfit where you feel comfortable and look professional. If you’re not too sure what to wear, it’s always better to arrive overdressed rather than under. The former shows you’re willing to put the effort in and creates a good first impression, whereas the latter does the opposite.

Think Positively

It is ok if you’re feeling nervous before a job interview. In fact, it would be a bad sign if you weren’t. Nerves show that you care about it. However, you don’t want to let your nerves get the best of you on the day. Remind yourself that they would not be interviewing you if your CV didn’t stand out to them. They need this role filling and why can’t it be you?

A job interview can be daunting, but it’s also a great opportunity. At the very least you’re gaining more interview experience and at the best, you’re getting a new role. Do you have any tips for a great job interview?