Link Building
Nowadays businesses need all the help they can get to improve their search engine rankings, so it’s no wonder that many are thinking of integrating link-building into their SEO processes. But link building isn’t easy, nor is it cheap, so let’s go over why SEO and link building go together so well.

1. Links Help Rank Your Website

Link building is important when it comes to ranking your website on Google. It’s hard for Google to rank you without links to your website. Links are helpful for the search engines to know what your website is about and how your website links to others in your industry as well as the internal navigation of your website.

2. Links Help Your Website’s Metrics

Link building is unique as it can help increase website metrics such as domain rating (DR), page rank (PR) and domain authority (DA). Out of all of these, domain rating is what helps make you higher ranked, domain authority builds trust for your visitors and page ranking is what decides if you do get to rank better overall.

3. Links Improve Sales Overall

Link building is all about improving your sales, and it does this by increasing traffic alongside other optimisation that happens during SEO strategies. When people click a link to your website, they are likely to be more interested if the content Is good, the website loads quickly and they can easily find what they need. All of these things together can lead to better sales as people spend more time on your website.

4. You Gain Authority

Link building is unique as it helps you stand out in your industry. When your website stands out it helps you get better traffic, and a higher likelihood of sales as people see you as trustworthy. In the industry this is known as gaining domain authority. When a trusted blog links back to you, this blog’s audience then sees you as trustworthy as well. This is essential to the growth of your brand in the long-term.

5. Increase Visibility Overall

When your website becomes more visible through link building, it also means your brand is more exposed to people in the world. This can mean that more people start seeing you and this isn’t just going to result in more sales, it’s going to result in more upwards growth as a business. This means more positive impacts over time and much more organic growth.

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Why is link building important within SEO?

There are many great benefits for link building in your SEO strategy and they include the above points as summarized below:
  • Links help rank your website.
  • Link building makes better metrics for your website.
  • You build more authority overall.
  • More visibility and exposure for your website.
  • Improve your sales and revenue options.

How many types of link building are there?

There are two types of links, external links and internal links. Internal links are within your website to link one page to another. External links are between your website and another website.

What are manual links?

Manual link building is when you take the time to slowly build links and their associated content to naturally grow your website over time.

What are the most common link-building techniques?

Some common link building practices include things such as:
  1. Guest posting.
  2. Social media platforms for links.
  3. Check what competitors are doing.
  4. Create shareable assets such as infographics.
  5. 5. Add links from trusted websites.
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