Link Building

SEO is an important component of digital marketing and link building plays a very important role in driving traffic to your site via search engines. Link building is essentially the strategy that links web pages by getting hyperlinks from other relevant sites onto your site.

Working with contextual link building services can help drive more traffic to your site effectively, especially when combined with good SEO strategies, high-quality content, good user experience and on-page SEO.

Just like good marketing, link building also needs to be relevant, authentic and of high quality and essential for long-term SEO success and if you don’t use link building as an integral part of your SEO strategy, then you could miss out on potential business.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to build links with effective strategies to ensure organic visibility and ensure the success of your business.

Advantages of Link Building

As we have mentioned earlier, link building is an integral part of SEO and the inbound links from high-quality sites are a huge factor that will determine your Google PR (Google Page Rank). Once you start your site or blog, it is recommended that you first focus on link building that will ensure that your site has greater exposure on search engines.

The idea of buying backlinks is not having unlimited links but ensuring genuine links from authentic sites. Some of the benefits of link building include:
  • Enables more traffic from other sites that are linked to your site.
  • Helps in getting indexed more quickly in search results.
  • Delivers more visibility of your site or blog in search results.
High-quality backlinks ensure that your website will be looked at as a valuable resource.
Apart from increasing the SEO ranking of your website, link building offers several benefits for your business itself such as:
  • Building Relationships: Building links requires that you connect with other businesses to offer information regarding promotions and activities about your business, which enables you to build long-term relationships that are beneficial for both businesses.
  • Brand Building: Link building helps to build your brand in the long run. It indicates that your business is authentic and that you’re an authority in your field via links to relevant content. Not only do good links help to promote your company’s expertise but also the strength of its goods/services.
  • Referral Business: Strong links can help to improve your website’s ranking and also the organic traffic to the site, which in turn, can help to boost sales.

How Are Links Created?

Link building involves a link tag that comprises 4 parts, which works together to create a whole unit including:
  • The beginning of the anchor, which is the first part of the link. Identified by an “a”, this portion of the link opens the link tag and tells the search engine that the link is followed by something else.
  • The referral location indicates where the URL is pointing, which can be an image, web page or a downloadable file. Beginning with a #, this part leads to another section of the same web page.
  • The visible text comprises the portion of text visible to the users when they click on the link. It is usually in blue and underlined to indicate that you can click on this link.
  • The closure is the last part of the link that tells the search engines that the link is complete.
  • Strategies to Encourage Linking to Your Site

Some ways by which you can encourage other websites to link to yours are:
  • Creating high-quality content
  • Infographics
  • Guest blogging
  • Directory submission
  • Dofollow social bookmarking sites
  • Dofollow blog comments
  • Informing bloggers
  • Writing pillar content

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, link building can be done by following various strategies and can benefit your business. However, link building is dynamic and changes continually.

So, you must keep up with the link-building process continuously and make changes whenever required. Link building is a worthwhile SEO strategy that can offer payouts even in the long run.