Having pesky little critters digging tunnels and mounds in your yard is no fun.

If you've spotted gophers lurking around, you may be wondering:

When do I need to contact a professional gopher exterminator near me? While gophers aren't inherently harmful, their extensive tunneling can destabilize soil and damage plants.

Here are some clear signs that it's time to contact a professional gopher exterminator near you.

1) Fresh Dirt Mounds and Tunnels in the Yard

Gophers are prolific diggers, pushing up piles of soil every time they excavate new underground routes. Seeing a bunch of freshly turned dirt is a warning they've moved into the neighborhood.

The more you see, the more extensive the burrowing network has become. It's best to have the pros handle it before the yard becomes one giant gopher den!

2) Plants and Flowers Disappearing Without A Trace

Once gophers set up shop, they'll start snacking on whatever vegetation they can get their paws on. If you notice that your favorite shrubs or bulbs you planted last spring have vanished overnight, those hungry rodents are likely to blame.

The longer they feast unhindered, the more extensive the plant damage will be. Reach out to a local gopher exterminator before they decimate the entire garden.

3) Holes and Tunnels Have Spread to Risky Areas

Gopher burrows can pose trip hazards for kids and pets if they invade footpaths, play areas, or nearby structures. Their tunnels weaken the foundations of structures. They cause damage to landscaping as well as your irrigation lines.

Safety reasons and property protection must contain the issue before it infiltrates problematic places on the property. Professionals have the proper tools and know-how to resolve the problem entirely.

4) You’ve Spotted One Above Ground During The Day

Gophers are generally crepuscular, meaning they are most active around dawn and dusk. Sighting one in broad daylight is unusual behavior that suggests the colony has grown very large.

With plenty of gophers occupying the tunnels, some may start foraging above ground even when the sun is high. This population level means the problem requires immediate control measures only an exterminator can successfully provide.

5) DIY Traps Remain Have Failed

If DIY trapping attempts aren't working after multiple tries, it's a sign the infestation level exceeds homemade solutions. Gophers are wary creatures; an extensive tunnel network lets them easily avoid traps.

When you see dirt kicked over the trap entrances, you're probably up against a sizable group of clever rodents. For effective gopher removal at this stage, a pro utilizing specialized equipment customized for the situation is critical.

When Do I Hire A Gopher Exterminator Near Me? In Closing

Catching gopher activity signs early can reduce their numbers before they spread further. But once you start noticing multiple telltale clues of a severe infestation, it's best to request assistance from a gopher control expert.

Hiring a "gopher exterminator near me" with the experience and resources will help quickly eliminate the problem. Don't wait until the damage becomes too extensive – act now before their tunneling gets further out of hand.