Before you host an evening with friends, take time to plan an epic event. Whether you’re spending the evening under The Luxury Pergola in your backyard or going out on the town, your night will be unique because you’re with friends. Organizing the event beforehand lets your friends figure out what to wear and bring. These seven fun activities are sure to deliver smiles and memories:

1. Build Your Own Cocktails

A build-your-own cocktails night is sure to be a hit. Ask your friends to bring their favorite booze and mixers, and then you can create unique creations. For added fun, plan a contest for the best new cocktail name.

You can start the night in your favorite cocktail dresses and finish it in your comfy pajamas for an epic cocktail-night sleepover. This way, no one has to worry about driving home or paying for an Uber. You can keep the theme going with a mimosa breakfast feast.

2. Wine and Cheese Discovery

Another fun way to try new food and beverages is to host a wine and cheese night. Friends can bring their favorite bottle of wine and wheel of cheese. You can also invite a sommelier to your home or visit your local cheese shop for a tasting night.

3. Trivia Night

Everyone loves trivia night, and you can get feisty with your friends as you compete over your favorite facts. You can host the night yourself or visit your favorite bar and grille for quick answers and tasty food. You can make the night extra special by asking trivia questions about each other and giving memorable prizes.

4. Potluck Feasts

Potlucks are fun events for people of all ages. You can give your potluck night a unique theme or let your friends bring their favorite dishes. You could also assign dishes to your friends to ensure you’ll get a main dish, sides, beverages, and desserts.

5. Make Things

Craft nights are always fun for friends to share together. You can buy supplies and share craft night at home or visit your local craft store to make things with the experts. Check out your local jewelry store or creative studios to see what opportunities are available. You could learn a new skill, like soldering jewelry, or visit a painting studio to paint a starry night canvas.

6. Get Pampered

A spa or nail day is a great time to spend together. Local spas routinely offer package deals for friends who want to get pampered together. If you don’t want to leave the house, you could host a pampering party at your home where you do your nails, give each other facials, and drink delicious smoothies and juices.

7. Bake-Off Competition

Nothing is wrong with a little friendly competition. A bake-off can allow friends to get together and eat desserts. Design your bake-off with a theme - like desserts with chocolate chips - or let your friends bring the best dish they make.