Lip Augmentation

Are you looking to fill out your lips? Are you interested in what lip augmentation before and after looks like?

It's common for people to want this for a variety of reasons, whether for recreation, to please a significant other, or for career reasons.

Below, we'll look at the lip augmentation cost of getting lips like the celebrities you admire. Read on to learn how to pay for one of the most common procedures.

What is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation, sometimes called liposuction, is a cosmetic treatment that makes the lips look better by making them fuller. Lip augmentation can also make lines and other flaws around the lips less noticeable.

Average Lip Augmentation Cost

Generally, lip augmentation typically ranges from $500 to $2,500. Typically, a combination of injectable treatments such as Juvederm, Restylane, and fat transfer cost between $900 to $2,000.

Lip implants with Gore-Tex or ePTFE may cost between $1500 to $2500 per lip. Permanent lip fillers or implants may cost more.

Factors Impacting the Cost of Lip Augmentation

The average cost of lip augmentation can vary greatly depending on several factors, mainly the procedure itself, the location of the process, the experience and expertise of the practitioner, and the anesthetic used.

Type of Procedure

The average lip augmentation cost for filler injections is around $600-$2,000, depending on the product used. For collagen implantation, the price ranges from $500-$2,000.

Other than that, laser lip augmentation can cost $400-$4,000. The most expensive lip augmentation procedure uses fat transfer, which costs anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.

Geographic Location

In the United States, lip filler injections cost anywhere from $300 to $600 per mL, depending on the region. For example, the Seattle area tends to charge $600 per mL, while more rural areas may charge closer to $300 per mL.

Generally, it can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 in total for a lip augmentation procedure. More expensive cities may charge higher fees due to higher overhead costs.

Experience and Expertise

A lip augmentation can cost $800 or more if done by a professional with a good reputation. An average lip enlargement using non-surgical methods like dermal fillers can cost between $400 and $700. But you can also save money by visiting a practitioner with less experience.


Local anesthesia is typically less expensive than general anesthesia. Treatments with local anesthesia typically cost around $400-$600, while treatments with general anesthesia can cost around $1,000-$2,000.

Insurance and Financing

Insurance does not cover lip augmentation as it is considered a cosmetic procedure. However, many clinics now offer financing options that allow patients to pay for the procedure over time.

These plans generally offer low-interest rates and monthly payment plans. Additionally, some clinics offer discounts for cash payments.

Therefore, if you are considering lip augmentation, look at your financing options with the best lip augmentation provider to help make the procedure more affordable for you.

Get Started on Lip Augmentation Treatment Today

Lip augmentation cost can vary depending on different factors, such as the type of procedure, the doctor's experience, and geographical location. For an accurate estimate, contact a board-certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. Don't wait any longer - take the plunge and get the lips you've always wanted today!

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