Cryptocurrency wallets make storing and managing digital tokens easy for everyday users. There are endless wallets to choose from, and it can be daunting to make an intelligent choice. But don’t worry; we’re listing the best crypto wallets available, so you don’t have to stress yourself out. They include:

1. CryptoWallet Card - Best Wallet To Spend Cryptocurrency

CryptoWallet Card

CryptoWallet is a well-known cryptocurrency wallet app. It’s launching a debit card that will let users spend the cryptocurrencies in their wallet. It will support over 800 tokens initially, making it the best option for users with diverse cryptocurrencies in their portfolio. It’s scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of 2023. 

2. Coinbase - Best for newcomers


Coinbase is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the United States of America (USA). It’s also available in dozens of other countries. This company offers a wallet app named Coinbase Wallet. It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to understand and navigate. You can buy cryptocurrencies directly from Coinbase and receive them in your wallet. You can transfer tokens from your wallet to other ones. 

Coinbase Wallet is self-custodial, meaning you control the keys to your wallet. You can download the mobile app on iOS or Android devices. You can also download the browser extension on Google Chrome.

3. MetaMask - Best for Ethereum-based tokens


MetaMask is a self-custodial wallet built for the Ethereum blockchain. You can use it to store and manage Ether (ETH) or any other Ethereum-based token. This platform is famous for being seamless to set up and use. You can download the iOS or Android app or browser extension for Google Chrome.

You can transact seamlessly after setting up your MetaMask wallet. You can send tokens to other wallets or connect your wallet to transact on decentralized apps (dapps). The main drawback is that MetaMask only supports Ethereum-based tokens. You can’t store Bitcoin, Cardano, or any other non-Ethereum-based assets.

4. DeFi Wallet - Best for staking DeFi Wallet is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It also offers a self-custodial popular crypto wallet called the DeFi Wallet. This platform makes it easy to manage your tokens. It supports many blockchains, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Cronos, etc.

This app makes it very easy to swap your tokens. For instance, you can buy USDT via the exchange and exchange it for 1,000 other tokens. You can also stake your tokens directly from this app.

This platform is self-custodial, meaning you retain control of the private keys to your wallet. You can hold your tokens or transfer them to another platform anytime.

You can download the iOS or Android app or the browser extension for Google Chrome.

5. Exodus - Best for customer support


Exodus is a well-known crypto wallet available via a mobile app or desktop browser. It supports over 50 blockchain networks and thousands of tokens, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, USDT, etc.

You can exchange fiat currencies for digital tokens on Exodus’s built-in exchange and deposit them into your wallet. You can also buy and store non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in your wallet. Exodus is a non-custodial wallet, so you retain absolute control over your coins. 

Exodus is famous for offering stellar customer service. It also has an intuitive interface that makes the app enjoyable to use. 

6. Ledger - Best Hardware Wallet


Ledger is a hardware wallet, unlike others on this list. You can buy the Ledger Nano S Plus, Nano X, or Stax. These hardware wallets allow you to store and control your tokens physically. They come with accompanying software to manage over 5,000 tokens across different blockchains.

Hardware wallets are more secure because someone must possess the hardware before thinking of stealing your tokens. They provide an extra layer of security for your crypto assets. 

The Ledger Nano S Plus, Nano X, and Stax are priced at $79, $149, and $279, respectively.