The cryptocurrency market runs on predictions and tweets by social media influencers as it affects people's buying and selling trends. The more people buy a currency, the lesser it is available in the market, which results in a surge in its price. So, the fluctuations in the market happen because of its traders. As more and more people join and trade crypto, the competition gets equally brutal. People have been leveraging AI tech and online brokers like to keep up with market trends and AI trades for you.

As we are stepping into the new year, there will be a lot of new opportunities for us in the cryptocurrency market. Here are some predictions that might let you go through or start your cryptocurrency journey.

1. A Crypto Spike or Massive Pitfall

We have seen how Bitcoin reached the value of $68,000 in November 2021, and after a few months, it drastically fell, and now it is valued at $16,000. Experts say that cryptocurrency might fall further down, with currencies like Bitcoin reaching a value of less than $10,000. Some say that the market won’t fall, but some tampering might happen by the Federal Reserve System, which might shake the market. Investing some amount in crypto will be wise while simultaneously analyzing the market trends and news related to the respective currency.

2. Increment of Traders

The downfall won’t restrict people from trying their luck with cryptocurrency. Many courses and information available on the internet compel people to invest some of their money in crypto. Some trading platforms have taken the initiative to help people make aware of the currency, which makes people believe in it more and invest in the same currency that is assisting in guiding them.

3. Ethereum > Bitcoin

After the release of Ethereum 2.0, Bitcoin needs to catch up in the crypto race as there are many conflicts regarding it. The intensive electricity consumption in the mining process is making people cease their investments as it is posing harm to the environment. Ethereum has brought a solution by changing its system to be less harmful to the climate. ETH 2.0 is also more accurate and faster than the BTC system. The introduction of Smart Contracts sets Ethereum apart from all the other currencies.

4. Strict Regulations

As more and more altcoins are emerging every day, there will be strict compliance for them so that they don’t lie in the grey zone. Stablecoins have the attention of the regulators because the tokens are equivalent to financial assets like the USD. The world's biggest stablecoin, Tether, is under a red light as regulators think it does not qualify as equivalent to USD.

5. Road to DeFi

Along with cryptocurrency, Web 3 is also making its way to the trends and the news as it is based on a decentralized financial system. It allows people to spend their crypto tokens in the metaverse and save their financial assets in the digital world. The Ethereum blockchain is already incorporating DeFi in its system with the new upgrade so let’s see how many more currencies will follow suit.

Final Verdict

The fluctuations and uncertainty of the market aren’t going anywhere. It will increase more as the years pass by. The traders will have to amp up their knowledge and follow closely with the market trends. Should you completely cease your crypto investments? It won’t be wise to do that as you will cut yourself off from the market and not know anything about the trends anymore. So, stay in the market, but always be vigilant.