In the world, a woman wants a body without hair or to get rid of all unwanted hair, laser hair removal has acted as a dream come true. In a few years, technology has taken over the world and has become a very used cosmetic procedure. This process can be done at any part of the body where you experience unwanted hair and want to get rid of it. Moreover, if you are living in Toronto, there are specific clinics available for laser hair removal in Toronto that you can prefer. Well, here in this blog, we'll be covering particular essential details that you should know about laser hair removal treatment.

What is laser hair removal? How is it done?

Laser hair removal is a process of removing all the unwanted hair on your body. Usually, people prefer the method for their face, arms, legs, and bikini area. The results you may get after laser hair removal are that you may only have hair on your body for a short period compared to trimming, shaving, or even waxing. Usually, different sessions are done for the entire procedure to show results. People may have to take six or eight sittings to get the desired result. However, it depends upon hair growth and the person's ability to react to laser hair removal.

This cosmetic procedure includes a laser, which is a beam of concentrated light for getting rid of hair on the targeted site. During the process, the instrument emits a laser, further absorbed by the skin. On the skin, the component that absorbs this light is the melanin present in the hair. Once the laser hits the target, the energy gets converted to heat, and this heat is responsible for damaging the hair follicles producing hair. When this hair follicle gets damaged, the hair is either no more created, or if it is made, it is very different and comes in late. Since the chances that hair might come from the damaged hair follicle, maintenance is also required once you are done with the entire process.

Suitable candidates

The process is mainly suitable for people with dark hair and light skin complexion. However, it is seen as influential on all skin types as well. But the darker the hair, the more the effect is.

Why is it done?
People prefer laser hair removal in Toronto clinics to eliminate all unwanted hair from the body. The common locations where people may get unwanted hair include the face, bikini area, upper lips, chin, and underarms. However, if you have a tattoo in the place where you want to get laser hair removal, then you should wait to get it.

How to prepare yourself for the process?

All the clinics for laser hair removal in Toronto will follow a standard treatment process. Initially, a consultant will examine the growth of the area you want to be treated. After that, you will be ready to go in for the proceeds.

During the process, the technician will use a hair laser removal machine and a cooling gel to minimize the impact of heat produced. Usually, in sensitive areas, they may even use a numbing cream to numb the site so you don't feel excess pain. If you have very light or less hair in the area, you won't feel a thing apart from some tingling sensation. However, if you have a thick place, you might feel pricking at the targeted site, but usually, the pricking sensation is bearable, and you may also experience heat. So, make sure you go to a reputed place rather than just a salon or clinic around the corner to get laser hair removal done.

Things to expect after the treatment

Once the procedure is done, you might also see some redness or bumps for a few hours, which is normal. You can use ice as well to get some relief.

Moreover, after the hair laser removal session, you will be asked to stay out of the sun as much as you can. Because your skin got treated and got rid of hair, it is now more exposed to UV rays. So after beginning your hair laser treatment, only step out by applying a good sunscreen.

You may experience after first sitting that whatever hair you see is shedding off. This is basically the shedding process that lasts for a week.

Once the shedding process is over, the hair takes around 3 to 5 more weeks. That's why your doctor recommends you reach out every 4 to 6 weeks after each session. The cycle continues for as long as it is required to see the final results on your body.

Risks Associated

Since the entire treatment is FDA-approved, there are no severe risks associated if you get it done from an approved machine and a reputed place. However, you must be cautious of your targeted skin towards the sun and always use good sunscreen to protect your skin.

Other temporary effects you might experience include redness, swelling, or bumps.

How much does it cost?

The entire process cost depends upon what area you are getting treated, how many sessions you are getting, from whom you are getting the treatment, and from what machine. However, the average cost can be $300 to $400 for each session.


Laser hair removal is quite common and widely used to eliminate unwanted hair. Whenever you are getting the procedure done, you need to ensure you are getting it from a reputed place and a specialist. Since nowadays many clinics are there to offer laser hair removal in Toronto, you need to be careful while choosing one.


Is it true that laser hair removal is a permanent solution?

No, laser hair removal is not a permanent solution to remove unwanted hair, as it depends from person to person. Some people, after the treatment, may not experience coming of hair for years in their life, but some people may see hair in a few years.

Is it safe to do laser hair removal in a bikini area?

Yes, it is safe to have laser hair removal in a bikini area. But you may ask your technician to numb the area before so that you do not feel discomfort or pain during the process.

How soon to see the results after laser hair removal?

You may see the exact results after six to eight sittings or sessions of the treatment.