People who have decided to move to Dubai, whether citizens or residents, usually think of securing their future and the future of their families by buying real estate in the emirate. Options include apartments, villas, townhouses, and other types. Once they know the cost of buying properties in Dubai, they should familiarize themselves with the relevant legal procedures - they need to do so to avoid significant problems. This article provides information on all conditions and fees for buying real estate in Dubai.

The Emirate of Dubai always strives to facilitate the livelihoods of its different residents. Therefore, it has created an exclusive ownership area for Emiratis and GCC nationals in Dubai that allows them to buy real estate in Dubai. The emirate has also designated particular areas where foreigners can buy real estate.

The most prominent are Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, and Palm Jumeirah.

Having enough money to buy real estate in Dubai is one of many required things. The Emirate of Dubai determines the laws that determine which property qualifies for freehold ownership and other provisions.

So, anyone wishing to invest should take the time to view all applicable regulations and be aware of the distinction between freehold and freehold zones. We will explore these differences further in upcoming articles to provide in-depth coverage.

The regulations in Dubai governing foreign ownership of real estate empower them to:

  • Get complete rights to own a property without time or restrictions.
  • The right to use or lease the property for a period not exceeding 99 years in the areas specified by the Dubai Land Department
  • Anyone can buy a property in Dubai regardless of their age.
  • Procedures for Buying Real Estate in Dubai

The oversight of the real estate ownership process in the emirate falls under the jurisdiction of the Dubai Land Department. It decides who can buy property and when ownership can be transferred to the buyer, acting as an intermediary between the buyer and seller. That makes it easier for investors to understand the procedures for buying real estate in Dubai. It also provides a range of services, such as submitting applications for property valuation, residential or commercial plots of land, buying homes in Dubai, and any necessary registration for the sale.

Required Documents:

  • Developers must issue an NOC through the Dubai REST app, one of Dubai's best real estate apps.
  • The seller and the buyer must present the Emirates ID card for proof of identity. A valid non-resident passport must be given if an Emirates ID is unavailable.
  • If someone acts on their behalf, then create a power of attorney.


  • Seller: 2% of the value of the property
  • Buyer: 2% of the value of the property
  • The fee for issuing title certificates is 250 dirhams
  • The fee for issuing land plans is 100 dirhams (250 dirhams for villas and apartments).
  • For each drawing, an innovation fee – 10 dirhams.
  • For each drawing, a knowledge fee – 10 dirhams

Registrar fee

4,000 dirhams if the sale value exceeds 500,000 dirhams. If the sale is less than 500,000 dirhams, the fee is 2,000 dirhams.

Service procedures:

  • You can buy a property through Dubai Customer Service Centers (Real Estate Registration Trustees Offices) or the Dubai Rest app.
  • You can visit any service center, or you can directly visit the Real Estate Registration Office.
  • Ensure the accurate submission of necessary documents to the department representative without errors.
  • Data on real estate purchases are entered into the department's system, examined, and verified.
  • Obtain a receipt after paying the fees.
  • An email will be sent to the client with the output of the process.