One of the most critical and revolutionary developments that have taken place recently has been the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI). AI tools carry out tedious and ordinary operations, enabling human employees to concentrate on more challenging and critical duties.

AI-enabled automation may boost production, minimize errors, and maximize efficiency in various businesses and sectors. AI is revolutionizing how organizations run and provide services, from intelligent instruments for analyzing data to automated customer support apps.

Are You Skilled Enough to Join AI Courses?

  1. Evaluating your current skill sets and knowledge is critical to determine your qualifications for AI courses. Here are some important things to reflect on:
  2. A crucial prerequisite for AI courses is programming knowledge. An extensive understanding of programming syntax like Python, Java, or C++ is often required.

Before delving into online AI certification courses, having a fundamental understanding of machine learning is helpful. You will better understand more complex AI algorithms and techniques if you are familiar with ideas like supervised learning, unsupervised learning, prediction, classification, and performance metrics.

Eligibility Criteria

A high school diploma or its equivalent is usually needed for AI courses. A bachelor's degree or higher in a relevant subject, such as computer science, mathematics, engineering, or a related topic, may require specialized artificial intelligence courses. For free AI certification courses and technical AI classes, programming expertise is frequently necessary. It is typical to anticipate having familiarity with a programming language like Python, Java, or C++.

4 AI Certification Courses for Free

1. Elements of AI- University of Helsinki and MinnaLearn

Elements of AI were initially introduced to teach one percent of the Finnish the fundamentals of artificial intelligence. They aim to encourage as many people as they can to learn what artificial intelligence is, what can and cannot be done with it, and how to begin developing AI approaches. The courses can be finished at your convenience and include theoretical and practical activities.

You will gain knowledge of the actual AI algorithms that enable the development of AI techniques. A fundamental understanding of Python programming is advised to benefit the most from the course.

Course Duration- Approximately up to 50 hours

2. Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Lectures- MIT

Several lectures and courses on deep learning and artificial intelligence are offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). These lectures are a requirement for several MIT machine learning and AI courses and programs.

Depending on the course and the instructor, the material addressed in the courses may change. However, these lectures often cover the core ideas, methods, AI skills, and deep learning. Natural language processing (NLP), reinforcement learning, neural networks, convolutional neural networks (CNNs), recurrent neural networks (RNNs), machine learning, and other subjects may be covered.

The speeches are frequently given by eminent MIT professors and researchers who are authorities on artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Course Duration- Varies with the number of videos watched.

3. The AI Ladder: A Framework for Deploying AI in your Enterprise- IBM

Business leaders and engineering executives contemplating AI-based solutions for business difficulties in their organizations should take this course. First, this course will give students a business-focused overview of current AI technology and issues. The AI Ladder is a framework for comprehending the tasks and procedures required to implement AI-based solutions in big businesses.

Each stage of the AI Ladder will be covered in this course, explaining its significance and the work required at each step. Students who successfully complete this course will have a formidable collection of strategic AI tools for creating, implementing, and managing AI-based business solutions in their AI careers.

Course Duration- 3 hours

Google AI course

The Google AI course is a 30-hour online free AI certification course available to anyone who wishes to learn the basics of artificial intelligence and its applications. Candidates can enroll in the Google Artificial Intelligence course without prior programming or AI knowledge. The primary goal of this course is to introduce the fundamentals of AI.

Students do not need any previous coding knowledge to enroll in this course because it is designed for novices. After completing this course, students will be able to define artificial intelligence (AI), comprehend how it functions, and understand its associated technologies.

All students who have an aptitude in the subject and want to learn more about it should take advantage of this excellent chance. Candidates must visit the Google digital website and register to enroll in the AI certification course.

Course Duration- 30 hours


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