An options trading alert service is a specialist service that allows options traders to execute more lucrative trades by providing trade alerts. Options experts, algorithms, and studied information will alert traders who have registered to these services when a significant decision about a specific transaction is reached. This options trading alert will deliver this message or alert to a trader's phone or email address if they have provided it.

Beginning traders, as well as seasoned professionals, make use of them. Such notifications may also include information on new trading tactics, ideas, and methods for saving time when trading and strategies for reducing risk. Keep reading to learn more about the best options trading service alerts.

Market Chameleon

Market Chameleon provides an options trading alert service. If you're an experienced trader or a newbie who's prepared to learn, this service is for you! An extensive choices scanner and an easy-to-use strategy screener are among the features of this platform.

Although Market Chameleon has its benefits, it also has some drawbacks, such as a prohibitive price tag and an outdated user interface. Market Chameleon allows traders to examine structured information quickly and compactly, making trading more accessible. This options trading alert service has a yearly membership fee of $1,188.

The Trading Analyst

The Trading Analyst is a service that provides options trading signals. It's an excellent service for novice traders who don't want to spend a fortune on trading advice. Real-time notifications via SMS, exceptional pricing, a proven track record of profitability, and an acceptable alert frequency are just some of the benefits of this platform.

However, there are several drawbacks to using The Trading Analyst, such as the lack of comprehensive, in-depth reports. Day traders can earn a reasonable profit with The Trading Analyst, which allows them to keep their mobile devices close at hand. The annual fee for this options trading alert service is $787.


For traders who seek more than simple alerts, this service provides a wealth of analytical information. This platform has several benefits, including reliable analysis, an excellent activity scanner, and a built-in order flow screener.

There are some drawbacks to Optionsonar, such as a high learning curve and more petite than fantastic notifications, but these are minor issues. In addition to getting trading notifications, Optionsonar allows users to learn more about how the market operates. The monthly membership fee for this options trading alert service is $109.

Mindful Trader

This is a service that provides alerts for options trading. Swing traders may benefit significantly from this service since it is well-suited to newcomers and more experienced traders. Numerous benefits, including top-notch techniques, a track record of success, and indications from one of the finest professional traders, can be found on the website.

Nevertheless, there are certain drawbacks to using Mindful Traders, such as the absence of algorithmic signals and an outdated method to option advising. Traders that use Mindful Trader get access to stock choices, options recommendations, and suggestions for future contracts. This options trading alert service has a $47 annual membership fee.

Sky View Trading

This service is excellent for those just starting in options trading since it is heavily focused on delivering instructional resources. This platform offers a variety of benefits, including excellent training resources, real-time alerts that are sent quickly, and several social features that are generally not available in options trading alert systems.

Although Sky View Trading provides many benefits, it also has some drawbacks, such as a high price tag and the need for large amounts of cash to maintain positions. In addition, traders may get alerts and spend time in chatrooms to network with other traders via Sky View Trading. This options trading alert service has a monthly membership fee of $199, paid in advance.

Motley Fool Options

Motley Fool Options is one of the best options trading alert services for investors looking for professional research and market analysis. The Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers newsletters are the most popular. The Motley Fool introduced the Motley Fool Options service in 2009. Over a decade with thousands of customers, it has been one of the most profitable options trading alert services. The experts' goal is to uncover the best companies with solid fundamentals at affordable prices. The options team then determines the optimum trading strategy for the highest return on investment. Each option has its investing philosophy, timing, and result.

Subscribers to the Motley Fool options trading alert service are notified via email each month of new trade opportunities. The trade instruction and trade information is included in the email alert, as are the income tactics employed, community access, and options education classes to effectively understand option strategies. A variety of educational resources are also made available to members. Beginner training on options trading methods such as purchasing calls, buying puts, writing covered calls, and expert guidance on writing covered strangles and diagonal calls are included. Motley Fool Options charges are on the high side. Annual access costs $999, and monthly membership options are not offered. In addition, the Motley Fool provides a 30-day refund policy if you're not satisfied.