Trees Trimmed

Having your trees trimmed regularly is essential for maintaining their overall health and longevity.

There are countless other benefits to tree pruning. They'll be better exposed to sunlight, boost the appearance of your yard, and detect diseases before they have a chance to progress. Hiring tree trimming services is a no-brainer, but you may be wondering how often you should have this done.

That's what we'll be discussing here in this post. Keep reading, and you'll find how often you should be having your trees trimmed.

How Often Should You Get Your Trees Trimmed?

Every tree species has different needs, so giving a one-size-fits-all answer to pruning is hard. Generally, you should trim your trees every 1-5 years, but it depends on what kind of trees you have grown and how mature they are.

For example, mature trees can usually wait for pruning, so you only have to do it every 3-5 years. If they're younger, you'll want to give them a haircut every 2-3 years. When dealing with evergreen trees, you may never have to prune them, but if you have fruit trees, you should do it once per year.

While keeping your trees on a tree-pruning schedule is essential, it's best to inspect them regularly. Tree diseases can spread quickly, so if you neglect a tree for a couple of years, you may have to take vast swaths of diseased tissue off.

If you need help with what to look for, you can visit to have your trees professionally inspected. A qualified arborist will always be able to spot issues before they become serious.

Just as it's essential to do regular tree timing, it's crucial to not over-prune them as well. This makes your trees vulnerable to disease and pests.

What Time of Year Should You Prune Trees?

Generally, the best time to trim your trees is at the end of winter or the beginning of spring. This is when your trees have shed the current dead weight and are ready to flourish again. It's easier to see the tree's vulnerable areas and do the actual trimming.

Once the tree is trimmed, it has all spring and summer to disperse resources to the remaining branches and thrive. If you do it too late in the year, your tree may have wasted energy sending resources to parts of itself that you were going to trim anyways.

Hire Tree Pruning Services ASAP

With winter finally behind us, now is the perfect time to have your trees trimmed. Once it's done, you can enjoy the natural beauty and energy that your trees give off, not to mention the all-important shade during those hot summer days.

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