Bridesmaid Gift

If you've seen popular wedding photos in recent times, you'll see a current trend: bride and bridesmaids' robes. These are perfect for that casual preparation and candid behind-the-scenes photo shoots.

In a few more months, you will walk down the aisle with the love of your life. For sure, you have ticked off almost all primary wedding essentials. But if you are still looking for the perfect gift for the sisters and besties in your life, who will be your bridesmaids, a themed bridesmaid gift box would be the ideal way to say "thank you."

A themed gift box would include trinkets and treats your bridesmaids would love. Wrapping them up in a central theme would make it more unique. There will be bridesmaid robes in the boxes that will complement each item. Your bridesmaids can don these luxurious bridesmaid robes during the wedding preparations.

Celebrate sisterhood and friendship with the following themed bridesmaid gift box ideas.

1. The Glam Squad Box

This box is perfect for the bridesmaids who love to doll up. These are for the girlfriends who have taught you the merits of having eyebrows on fleek or for the sisters who think heels are acceptable for grocery shopping.

This box would contain a rhinestone silk black robe. There would also be red lipstick, a mini-bottle of perfume, and a sexy pink blush. A set of scented candles for a relaxing night will complete this set.

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2. The Spring Queen Box

Your nature-loving bridesmaids would love to receive the Spring Queen Box. These are for your friends who'd always stop and smell the roses, literally and figuratively.

The perfect robe for this set is a floral, satin one. Fill the box with jasmine and rose base essential oils. Also, include a lavender-scented body lotion. This box goes well with a mini-bouquet of wildflowers.

3. The Sailing Sisters Box

It is for your friends who adore the jet-setting lifestyle. This box allows them to reflect on those crazy nights in Cabo or the beautiful sunset cruise on the French Riviera they took with them.

Include the Nautical Themed Anchor Rhinestone robe in this gift box. Add gorgeous sunglasses and a blue and white striped tote, and you can go on another adventure.

4. The Party Posse Box

Celebrate love and laughter with your besties, who are the life of the party. Pack a Big Bling Rhinestone Robe for that chill, disco vibe. Include a bottle of bubbly and a set of gold-plated bangles. Throw in a cocktail ring, and your bridesmaids will be ready to dance the night away.

5. The Bubblegum Bestie's Box

An adorable pink rhinestone robe will be the highlight of this box. It is for the bestie who stuck with you since childhood. The box includes a pack of gourmet sugar candies, gum, gummy bears, and licorice to add nostalgia. Pack an adorable stuffed animal to complete this trip down memory lane.

A bridesmaid plays an essential role in your wedding preparations and wedding day. Show gratitude by putting together these perfect gift boxes they will love and appreciate. If you're looking for the ideal robes, Zynotti is one of the best places to get these.