Let’s face it, nothing makes us girls feel better than buying a new luxury handbag. The fresh, out-of-the-box, new bag feeling can’t be beaten. But there can also be luxury regret when you rush to buy the latest trend without considering a few things first.

That’s what this guide is for; it’s for the ladies wanting to purchase designer leather handbags without the regret that comes after.

How To Buy Wise:

Save Specifically

If you’re considering buying a luxury handbag, the first tip to being regret free is to save specifically for the designer bag. This means not dipping into your long-term savings or your retirement money. Put some money aside while you shop around, and you’ll have a solid budget to buy the bag of your dreams. The rule here is to not be distracted or rushed into buying something because it’s shiny and new. Be aware of sales tactics, be steadfast in your budget, and you’ll come out on top.

Choose Quality First

When you buy luxury items, you’ll find yourself becoming far pickier. This is because you’ll prioritize spending good money on a quality item. Think of all the cheap things you've bought that have broken after a few years. It's completely pointless, isn't it? One high-quality item is preferable to five subpar ones.

Designer bags typically last longer than cheaper ones, so the cost per wear will also be worth it. Cost per wear is the estimated cost for you to wear your handbag several times. For example, if you wear a thousand-dollar bag 100 times, the cost per wear is higher, but when you consider the bag is durable enough to be worn 5000 times, it is worth it.

Wait For Rare Sales

Some luxury brands never go on sale, others have free gifts with specific deals, and others have biannual or annual sales. When you want to be an intelligent buyer, knowing where you can get the most out of your money, especially with your budget in mind, is essential. If you’re patient enough, getting a good deal can be achievable. Remember, classic bags rarely go on sale as they appreciate value, so this is best for statement bags or smaller, lesser-known luxury brands.

Wait For the Classic

Do you dream of a Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag? The good news is, it’s a classic bag. This means it’s not a seasonal purchase that will be available for a short time. Nor is it a rare bag that won’t be found anywhere else. This means you’ll have time. Time to choose a color, shop in-store, and make a decision. Time to consult a friend. It’s this time that is recommended when making such a necessary purchase, and this will aid in reducing the feeling of guilt later on.

Refuse Trends

When shopping for designer items, avoid expensive items that are overly trendy. Spending a lot of money should go toward timeless items. Therefore, consider the question, "Will I want to wear this in a year?" and use your response to decide what to buy.

You want to spend less money on designer shoes or handbags only to hate them after a few months. Choose items that can be worn with various outfits and will be in style in a year, so you get the most out of your money.