The Next Generation of Coders
Even non-tech experts today rely on their smartphones for countless everyday tasks, such as getting news, staying connected with friends and family, and even paying bills. It is clear that the future will be written in code.

Children need to learn fundamental coding skills now to take up the baton and lead the way forward in the future, as technology won't go away anytime soon. But kids today also need to have fun during the summer to prepare for their eventual entry into the workforce.

Let’s check out how online coding for kids today is the best of both worlds.

Video Games at the Heart of Everything

It is not uncommon for kids to spend much time at home in front of their screens. Taking virtual coding classes for kids that focus on creating custom video games will make screen time feel different again.

As much as kids love playing video games, they'll love designing and coding them even more. The leading programs use gamification to make them as addicted to learning how to code as they are to play them.

A summer vacation should always be a fun time for kids, especially after the past couple of years. The next generation of coders needs to learn STEM skills, but it's even more important for children to have fun.

Small Sessions

It is challenging to learn in a crowded environment where getting a teacher's attention is a challenge. Small groups set children up for success.

With only four students per class, teachers can devote their full attention to each student, while students don't need to compete with each other.

You should also look for a program that hires young teachers who grew up playing video games and have a recent, relevant coding background. With such teachers, students have the perfect resource to ask practical questions about how to apply for jobs or which coding skills lead to which type of work because they pass along their passion for gaming along with the course material.

Professional Coding Languages Only

Children need to learn the coding languages employers expect their employees to know today. The best online summer coding programs cover Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, and C++.

The best way to learn foundational computer skills is to explore the most powerful, popular coding languages three hours a day.

Children of all skill levels should be able to participate and challenge themselves in the program.

Summer can be fun and productive when kids are in a fun, structured environment that exposes them to skills they'll use later in life. Sign your child up for an online coding camp this summer if you want them to have some fun while absorbing the STEM skills that will drive the future forward.