What is a pre adverse action letter?

Applying for job after job, hoping to snag an interview, only to be hit by a pre adverse action letter? If you have been in this unfortunate spot, then today’s article is for you.

To begin with, we will take you through what a pre adverse action letter is. This type of letter is a formal document that lets the job applicant know that the company is thinking of denying their candidacy basis the information that they have acquired from a background check that was conducted.

This letter gives the applicant a chance to review and dispute the information before making a final decision. A pre adverse action letter is essentially an official heads-up for job applicants. It is how a company can be more transparent in the hiring process.

But wait, what do you do if you are on the receiving end of a pre adverse action letter?

Review the background check report.

First, review the background check report or pre adverse action letter to find out what needs to be corrected. Gather all the evidence you can evidence to prove and support the correct information. Then, get in touch with the background check company that the company you have applied to uses and inquire about their dispute correction process. Send them the corrected information along with the evidence you gathered for the same. Follow up with them periodically to make sure the information is corrected.

Contact the employer

At the same time, get in touch with the employer, notifying them about the rectification process. Once you get the report corrected, update the employer and ask them to reconsider your application with the new information you have.

Address any disqualifying offence.

Address the wrong issue specifically and explain why it appeared on the background check report, whether erroneously or due to a lack of updated information on the background information aggregator’s end.

It is not easy to find a job and even more frustrating to lose out on a chance at one because of wrong or outdated information. That is why it is so essential to respond to a pre adverse action letter as soon as you can. In general, even if you are not on the lookout for a job, it is a good practice to carry out regular self-background checks to catch any issues or discrepancies before things get out of hand.