Checklist for Planning
Forget everything you've heard about wedding planning is stressful. Want to learn how to plan this incredible, joyous celebration without inviting stress?

We've put together this complete checklist you can use as your guide.

Since it's your special day, we want you to reflect on every aspect of it fondly. There are plenty of other areas to get worked up and overwhelmed over, and planning your wedding shouldn't be one.

Before You Get Started

Establishing a realistic budget before starting will help you with the planning process. Brew some coffee and grab your fiancée; it's time to brainstorm.

You need to discuss the following:
  • Budget
  • Size
  • Location
  • Aesthetics
Though this guide assumes you have a year, you can plan a wedding in less time.

Remember to delegate, communicate, and create a means of keeping track of everything. Spreadsheets work, and if you're a fan of Notion, they have some great wedding planning templates.

Lastly, know that just because something is listed here doesn't mean you have to include it. It's your special day; you get to celebrate however you choose!

12 Months Before the Wedding

This stage is the result of your brainstorming. A year before the wedding, you want to:
  •  Determine budget
  •  Craft the guest list
  •  Check out wedding venues
  •  Choose wedding date
  •  Book venue
  •  Start looking for vendors (bearing in mind budget and overall aesthetic)
  •  Hire wedding planner
  •  Choose wedding party
During this phase, you know your budget. You've scouted a few locations, set the date, and put a deposit on the perfect venue. You know what kind of wedding you want, and you are making a list of vendors accordingly.

10 Months Before the Wedding

Now it's time to nail down other essential details, time to:
  • Book photographer
  • Take engagement photos
  • Create registry
  • Set up a wedding website
  • Select or hire an officiant
  • Begin meeting with caterers and menu plan
  • Go dress shopping for your bridal gown
  • Take the ladies to shop for bridesmaid dresses
  • Print and save the dates
  • Print wedding invites
  • Book block hotel rooms for out-of-town guests
You're adding to the foundation now; it's actually happening!

8 Months Before the Wedding

During this period, you're focusing more on the details:

Order seating, linens or whatever is not included with the venue
  •  Hire florist
  •  Hire caterer
  •  Hire DJ or band
  •  Arrange transportation for the wedding day
  •  Send out save the dates
  •  Start planning honeymoon
Now it's all starting to come together…

5 Months Before the Wedding

Here's where you begin to narrow down the smaller (but equally important!) details, such as:
  • Do cake tastings, and choose your fave
  • Send invites
  • Test hair and makeup artists and hire the best
  • Pick your wedding songs
  • Get fitted for your wedding dress (your bridesmaids should get a fitting for their dresses too!)
  • Get grooms and groomsmen's attire

You're getting closer!

3 Months Before the Wedding

If you've hired a wedding planner, ensure you communicate regularly, so everything's remembered and noticed.

Now it's essential that you:
  • Finalize the menu
  • Finalize the floral design
  • Get wedding bands
  • Meet with your officiant to share/practice day of ideas
  • Check-in with vendors
  • Check-in with the hotel and finalize room details
  •  Give the DJ or band your playlist (don't forget to include a DON'T playlist if there are any songs you don't want to hear)
  • Plan rehearsal dinner
You're in the home stretch! Remember, if some of this feels overwhelming at any point, you can always delegate.

1 Month Before the Wedding

At this stage, it's essential to go over everything with a fine-tooth comb. You want to ensure your vendors know where they need to be and when.

Additionally, you need to:
  • Have your final dress fitting
  • Get the marriage license
  • Purchase alcohol, and finalize a signature cocktail, if you have one
  • Craft any DIY details
  • Pay your vendors
  • Create seating chart
Are you getting excited? It's almost here!

A Week Before

Here's where the final details are nailed out. You'll want to:
  • Connect with the venue and set up
  • Attend to logistics, such as cake delivery
  • Make sure you have everything you need (including a wedding emergency kit just in case someone's dress rips)
  • Get pampered
This is a week to take care of yourself and any last-minute details.


If you ever feel stress creep in, think of it this way. You're planning a huge party and all the people you love will be there. It's a once-in-a-lifetime celebration that represents something extraordinary, no matter how big, small, lavish, or restrained.

Cheers to you; we know your big day will be incredible.