Right Printer For Your Home and Office
Right Printer For Your Home and Office
Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of home and office printers. The choice of the best printer becomes a complicated matter for the buyers. Remember, all these printers are different in features and functions, which makes a few models ideal for home use and others for office use.

To understand which they offer printer servicing is suitable for your home or office use, you must decide between a laser and inkjet device, color and monochrome (black and white), and explore several technical parameters. Here is how:

Parameters for Choosing a Home Printer

Finding the best printer for your home is a problematic approach, but still possible. You can highlight the Brother HL-1110R, Epson L120, Canon PIXMA iP2840, Canon LBP6030, HP P1102, and others among the well-known consumer-use models. Many have an almost identical shape; these are reliable and easy-to-use devices simultaneously. But when choosing a home printer, consider its size and ability to self-refill the cartridge. Here we have some tips for choosing the most affordable and reliable printer for you:

Give Preference to Multifunctional Printer

Usually, people choose multifunctional devices that include printers, copiers, and scanner functions. Therefore, having MFP at home is the best option to avoid the hassle of buying other devices.

Know About InkJet Printer

This is one of the cheapest devices and the only option if you want to print more images. But, its biggest drawback is its ink that dries out. For this, you need to replace the cartridge, which is almost half the cost of a new printer. Therefore, use this option only if you use the printer more frequently.

Get Detail Information About Laser Printer

The black-and-white laser printer is a more suitable option for home printers. Buying this printer can be a costly affair, but it is optional to make its constant use. Usually, laser printers have high speed compared to inkjet printers. Simply, you need to choose between your favorite brands.

Parameters for Choosing An Office Printer

An office printer's requirements differ from a home printer's. The former requires high printing speed from minimum resources. Therefore, when choosing a printer, the choice must be based on the following parameters:

Think of Printing Technology

Laser rather than inkjet technology is considered the best option for office use. This is due to low printing per-page cost and high speed. Many inkjet printers with modern features in the market deliver good performance, but their price is higher than laser printers. Therefore, the latter is the office's best and most economical option.

Check Printer Performance

While choosing an office printer, you must know how many pages the device can print in one month. Usually, people prefer a printer that delivers 10 to 30 thousand pages/month for the best results.

Cartridge Capacity And The Possibility of Refilling

These are the two factors that play an essential role over others. Larger printer cartridges last longer, while refillable cartridges save you from buying a new cartridge every time the ink runs out. So, always choose a printer with more resources because this can lower the cost of printing per page. So, always choose a printer with more resources because this can reduce the cost of printing per page.

Availability of Wi-Fi and Ethernet Port.

Wireless technology is beneficial, as it helps you to control the device from your PC. Ethernet lets you connect your office printer to the network so that every computer can access it.


Based on the reviews, some devices are optimal to a greater extent for home use, others for office use. So, when choosing a printer, you must consider all technical parameters to save your hard-earned money. This will also help you make a more advantageous purchase that can print a lot at a low cost per printed sheet.