Have you tried different podcast promotion strategies to gain more listeners without yielding the desired results? Are you thinking of quitting podcasts since there are no listeners?

Don't give up now!

Almost every new podcaster experiences these challenges. Many starters use Podcast Networks, such as the Podcast Advertising Marketplace for Podcasters, to help gain listeners and sponsorships.

For several reasons, listeners need to be more engaged with your podcast show.

Check out our top 9 reasons why your podcasting needs more listeners.

The podcast audio quality is bad

.Before thinking about different possibilities, check your podcast audio quality. How is it? Does it sound appealing like the more significant shows within your niche? If not, you've got your answer.

Your target listeners lead busy lives, so you can't expect them to schedule a time to play podcasts with buzzing or annoying sound interferences. Hence, when a podcaster complains that their podcast is not generating enough views or streams, first checking the audio is a standard troubleshooting tip.

An excellent setup for the best podcast sound quality is a big recording room with good recording and editing equipment.

Poor podcast promotion strategy

Many podcasters complain about low views without taking active steps to change things. When you ask if they know how to promote a podcast, they may have yet to learn how.

Podcasts need promotion. With no promotional strategies, no podcast networking, and no request for sponsorship deals, it's common for a podcast with a small listenership to stay that way.

Successful podcasting only works that way. Be intentional about improving the SEO of your show descriptions, collaborating with other podcasts, inviting guests, and submitting engaging podcast ideas on different directories.

Inconsistent release schedules

For now, someone – we'll call him John – is closing at work and rushing home to tune into their favourite show at seven o'clock. John gets home, and the show doesn't start for another hour or get cancelled. This happens often and sometimes the show airs an hour earlier than expected. After a while, what do you think he would do?

Like most people, he'll eventually get annoyed, lose interest, and no longer rush to catch the show. That's what happens every time you miss your podcast release schedule. It's disappointing and breeds disinterest among your valued audience.

They unintentionally need to remember episode release dates because it's never been constant. Eventually, they stop listening, and your audience count drops.

The podcast content is not engaging.

Uploading unengaging podcast content can affect your listeners' count. People will only play your content when they are confident it helps them and is relatable to their present reality.

Otherwise, it becomes difficult to engage your podcast audience, and they opt for alternative shows. Make your corporate podcast ideas engaging by including interesting and relevant information for the target audience.

Evaluate your podcast formats too. Storytelling and roundtable panel discussions are perfect for spicing interactions on your show. It provides an eagerness of what to expect and curiosity while awaiting the next episode which is great audience engagement.

The podcast episodes should be shorter.

While there is no generally stated rule on standard durations of engaging podcast ideas, unduly long shows will only bore the listeners. They will likely skip some parts and miss vital points that can ruin their understanding of the entire episode.

Even when you think there's so much valuable insight to share, trim the audio to keep your listeners engaged. You could even split that episode topic into two parts. That's achieving two things at once; keeping the episode short and maintaining the eagerness to listen to the next episode.

So, how long should a podcast last? While there is no standard podcast duration, somewhere within the 10 to 60-minute range is acceptable. However, try to keep it as short and concise as possible. Stay consistent with your preferred duration too.

Your podcast is not personalized.

Have you ever wondered why private celebrity podcasts tend to rack high numbers? It's simple! People love personal stories about the host, a co-host, or a set of guests or panel hosts.

They want to hear actionable insights from a true-life perspective. Besides, personalized content is the most exciting podcast idea. It builds a deeper connection with the listeners.

Eventually, a time comes when long-term audiences feel they're a part of your life based on the amount of time spent listening and engaging with your personality. They start following your podcast as a friend would, which is much more engaging.

Your podcast is overly scripted.

But are you supposed to have scripts for only some episodes?

Of course, you should! But do not make it overly scripted so that it loses that natural, engaging tone. That gets boring that way and could be one of the reasons why your podcast is losing listeners.

So, what should you do? Write scripts containing a jot down of essential corporate podcast ideas. Otherwise, you're likely going to skip important details. Just sounds as natural as you would talk when recording the episode.

Your podcast offers little value.

Let's do a quick evaluation here. Play the first three to five minutes of your podcast show to a random person and ask them what they think the episode is about. If they struggle to answer you, your podcast lacks valuable content.

That could be the sole reason your podcast does not have listeners – because the content is fluffy or does not resonate with them.

The solution? Draft a listener persona and place yourself in their shoes when writing the corporate podcast ideas. Imagine what they'd love to hear and host the show from that perspective.

Too much competition

More competition within your niche can be why your podcast needs to gain more listeners.

It's possible to do everything right according to this guide, but it still faces fierce competition that challenges listener growth.

There are different ways to solve that. Firstly, network with other podcasts and promote each other's content. You should also create an SEO-optimized podcast landing page to reach more audiences. Finally, tweak your show to offer something different from the top competitors.


Podcasting is great but more interesting when a consistent audience listens to your content. Many times, your audiences will only know their preferred styles. All they want is exciting shows that keep them engaged.

This said people might not be playing your podcasts for a few different reasons. Ready to increase your podcast listeners? Try evaluating your podcast based on the tips mentioned in this post.