fiber optic internet connection

India’s fiber internet connections are increasing by the day. Is the fiber internet network hype justified? Learn about fiber connection's advantages and how Excitel’s fiber plans can help your family or business!

High speed

In traditional wired internet connections, the download speed will be higher than the upload speed. In the case of fiber optic internet, you will find no such differences. You can always enjoy both at the same pace. This is because the rate in fiber optic cable is 1Gbps, which is higher than the average speed that conventional cable internet provides. Also, everyone will always say yes to a high upload and download speed rate at home or for business purposes.


What if you watch Brooklyn 99 online with friends, and the video freezes? Won’t you want to know if Jake solved the case with the clues he had? You can always rely on fiber optic adapters for an uninterrupted and stable connection. This claim can be well justified, as the optic link works without power. Since fiber optic connections carry data at the speed of light, there will be no overload during peak hours, unlike the usual cable internet.

Secured connection

It is difficult for hackers to access the information through optic cables, as there is no electromagnetic interference. Hence, no information can be stolen, as it is protected with a key. Unless an individual has this key, they cannot get hold of any sensitive data.

Better gaming session

Everyone knows that online games need high-speed internet connections. If you love playing Fortnight or League of Legends, you need a stable internet service provider. As the traditional internet does not promise steady speed, opt for fiber optic cables if you are an avid gamer.

Higher quality TV

If you are a fan of the latest android TVs with 4K resolution and movies, you only want stable broadband. Since 4K is about higher picture quality, this can be delivered only when your internet service is excellent. Where can you get quality connection and speed? Fiber internet is your solution!

Apart from these advantages, there are other factors to know before you choose fiber internet in your area.

Less to no throttling

Throttling is nothing but reduced internet speed to prevent overload or compromise stability in case of any issues during peak hours. Your average rate can be reduced to 20 Mbps instead of 100 Mbps. You need not worry about throttling in fibre cables, as there is no overload.

Better multiple-device connection

Every Indian household has more than two devices that require a stable internet connection. These can be in any corner of your house. When you want the same speed for these devices, a fiber optic connection can help you here.

Less cable spaces

The copper cable’s weight will be higher if your speed is high. Fibre internet cables do not need more space like the standard cables since the thin glass fibers can carry more information, irrespective of size.

If you want a fiber optic internet connection setup in your area, check the Excitel plans near you. The fiber internet packages that Excitel provides have higher speeds and are cost-effective compared to the other internet service providers.