How to Promote Your SoundCloud Music?
SoundCloud is certainly one of the most invaluable platforms for music promotion, especially for independent artists. With more than 175 million global users monthly, this platform provides many opportunities to promote your music. When it comes to promoting your song/album and connecting with like-minded artists, the reputation and power of the platform cannot be underestimated.

However, with over 25 million music creators on SoundCloud, getting yourself in front of the audience and standing out in the crowd can be pretty challenging. Luckily, there are proven strategies you can use to get more plays and improve your stats on SoundCloud.

In this article, we will provide you with practical tips on how to promote your music on SoundCloud.

Effective Tips to Promote Your Music On SoundCloud

1) Customize Your Profile

Your SoundCloud profile is often the first thing potential followers look at, even before they listen to your music. So it’s essential to create a unique shape that will make an excellent first impression and make users interested in knowing more about you.

Your username should be your actual artist name, and make it simple so that users can identify you from your username. Your profile URL should also be straightforward. Avoid using dashes or special characters, as they can make it difficult for users to identify you.

To stand out in the crowded platform, you should use a personal picture for your profile rather than a logo. For best results, it’s recommended that you upload JPG or PNG images of at least 2480 x 520 pixels with a 2MB size.

A compelling profile helps an artist establish their identity. For the header image, use the cover art of the music you’re about to release to give users an idea of your latest music project.

2) Tag Correctly

Another effective way to get your music in front of the audience is to tag your songs appropriately. SoundCloud’s algorithm considers tagging when determining which songs appear in search results.

So proper tagging will ensure your songs appear in the search results when listeners search for music like yours. It’s advisable to only use tags that are related to your primary genre and avoid using too many tags as they will come out as spammy.

You should also add locations to your tags and link to your collaborators. This will make your music discoverable to listeners.

3) Add “Buy” Links

Add “Buy” Links

“Buy” links on SoundCloud let your fans purchase your playlists from other sites such as iTunes, Beatport, Bandcamp, CD Baby, and more. To add a “buy link” to your tracks, click on the metadata tab when you’re uploading your songs.

If you are a pro-SoundCloud user, you can customize the “BUY” button text to anything you want. You can change it to “Stream on Spotify” or “Donate.” Many users may be willing to support your music by making donations.

4) Share Private Links

Musicians can share private links to their tracks via SoundCloud messages and outside the platform. Sharing private links allows other users to listen and comment on your music. Besides, this allows you to receive feedback that will help you enhance works-in-progress before releasing them.

This private sharing feature allows artists to share their tracks or playlist with potential collaborators, labels, blogs, radio stations, and select fans without releasing the tracks to the whole world.

Moreover, artists can share unfinished tracks or send demos to tastemakers so that they can give their opinion and what they think about the music. The private sharing feature gives your music a sense of exclusivity when sharing unfinished tracks or demos.

5) Share Your Music Publicly

An artist on SoundCloud may have great music, but their hard work may not pay off if they don’t go the extra mile to cross-promote their tracks. Musicians should share their tracks on as many blogs and social media platforms as possible.

SoundCloud allows artists to share single tracks or playlists on various social networks. It is super easy to share your music with the world. Just click the “share” button on the player to get started.

This is a great way to promote your tracks and cut through the noise. Musicians can share their tracks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many more.

If you run your own blog, you can share your tracks with your audience or send your tracks to bloggers and have them publish your music on their blogs.

6) Interact with Others

Artists should engage their fans and other artists on the platform to enhance their presence and exposure.

Artists should repost music from other artists, share other people’s posts, check their comments and replies to their fans, and follow anyone actively engaged with their music.

The more an artist engages with fans, the more they are likely to make a genuine connection, which translates to more loyal fans.

Being active in the community and engaging fans and fellow artists will help your audience discover new music, but their fans may also notice you and become your fans. Besides, it’s a great way to develop relationships with famous musicians.

7) Get More Plays

Get More Plays

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If you’ve been looking for practical tips on “how to promote your SoundCloud music,” we hope this guide clears things up. Some of these strategies are simple and straightforward, like creating an outstanding profile and engaging fans and fellow artists. Others will require hard work and patience, like sharing your music publicly and collaborating with fellow artists.

SoundCloud offers a range of powerful features that artists can leverage to achieve success on the crowded platform. If your music is good, it really takes an effective promotion to get your profile going. We hope this guide will help you grow your fanbase and get the most out of this music platform.