Living Alone
Living alone can be tough going, and it’s not always going to be easy. However, you can do things that will make it feel worthwhile. Then when you start living with someone, you’ll probably end up craving your days of living alone! But if you’re finding living alone a bit hard, keep reading and discover the top 10 things you can do!

Get To Know Your Body

While you’re living alone, why not take the opportunity to really get to know your body and what you like. You could take a look at websites like and see if you can discover any new fantasies. It will be helpful for you when you do get a partner, as you’ll already know what you like and don’t like. So, use your time alone to understand all the sensations that bring your body pleasure.

Pick Up A New Hobby

Being alone can be quite dull sometimes, so why not pick up a new hobby. It could be anything from painting to rug making, as long as it brings you joy, then it’s worth it. Having hobbies keeps your mind (and sometimes your body) busy, which prevents you from feeling stagnant or bored. So, head on down to your local arts and crafts shop and see if there’s anything there that takes your fancy.

Learn To Cook

A great thing to learn while living alone is how to cook. This is because if it goes wrong or it doesn’t taste great, then it’s only you that knows it and you can order takeout to make up for it. But learning to cook for yourself is a real-life skill that will come in handy if you move in with someone else. Pick up some cookbooks from the library and see if you can find any recipes that tickle your fancy and do your best to recreate them.

Start Reading

People that like to read often enjoy doing so in peace and quiet. And what better time to read than when you live on your own! Reading is good for your brain as it helps to keep it active, and it allows you to get enjoyment out of something that’s not a screen damaging your eyes.

Establish A Healthy Routine

Living alone can be very easy to fall into bad habits as there’s no one around to tell you otherwise. But this can damage your health in the long run, so you want to try and create a healthy routine as soon as possible. Setting yourself a bedtime and an alarm each morning may seem childish, but your body needs it to recover. So, start planning your days and ensure that you’re taking good care of yourself.

Start A Long TV Series

Everybody likes to watch TV, but sometimes you might see a show that’s got 20 seasons and think that it’s too much effort. However, when you live alone, you have nothing but time on your hands to do what you wish. So, why not start that long-running show that has hundreds of episodes to catch up on? You’ll find a lot more enjoyment in your evenings when you do so.


Having a place on your own means that you can decorate it however you want, without input from anyone else. You could turn your living room into a shrine of your favourite superhero and there would be no one to stop you. Make the most out of living independently and designing your house how you want it to be. You’ll feel much happier being somewhere you’ve put your stamp on, too.

Get A Pet

If you’re starting to feel a little lonely, but not for human companionship, you could look into getting a pet of some kind. Having another little energy about the house will help you feel not so alone and give you a sense of responsibility. Pets can help you to create a routine too. For instance, if you get a dog, you can’t lounge in bed all day as they need to go outside and be walked. So, having a pet can be a great way to bring stability to your life and friendship.

Practice Meditation

Having a peaceful mind is important, but it can be hard to achieve without a little bit of effort on your part. Meditation can be a great way to do this as it allows you to calm your mind and stop your racing thoughts. So, why not take up the practice of meditation and see if changes your way of thinking.

Host Dinner Parties

Finally, if you start to find that you crave some real human company, why not host some dinner parties. You can show off the home you’ve worked hard to decorate, impress them with your newly found cooking skills, and show your friends how great it can be to live on your own.

These top ten things demonstrate just how brilliant living on your own can be, so don’t feel as though it’s a negative aspect of your life. There may be times when you live with too many people, and you’ll long for the peace and quiet of your previous solo living. So, why not try out some of these ten things and you’ll soon be able to enjoy living alone a whole lot more.