Surfing Gear

Surfing is one of the most fun and freeing, ultra-relaxing sports. Has it become your new hobby of choice? If so, you've come to the right place.

There are many essential surfing gear options, but what is the best for beginners? There are lots of options that you can check on Surface2Air Sports.

This brief guide will help you discover the surfing essentials necessary to start. Depending on the type of waves you plan to surf, you can decide when to invest in them.

Want to know more? Then, explore the following must-know information to start or enhance your surfing adventures.

Right Surfboard

Surfing can be a great hobby, but beginners should pay special attention to their equipment. The first essential piece of gear is the surfboard. Beginner surfers should look for broader and thicker boards that are more stable and easier to paddle, such as a foam board, longboard, soft board, or hybrid board.

Choosing the right board for beginner surfing is essential for a successful and fun experience in the waves. For maximum ease, look for a 6-8 feet long board between 20-21 inches wide. When selecting a board, consider the weight, level of buoyancy, and general shape.

Comfortable Wetsuits

Another essential piece of equipment you will need is a comfortable wetsuit. Wetsuits provide insulation from the cold ocean water and sun protection from the sun's rays. They also help to put an extra layer between you and the sand, reducing chafing and preventing sunburn.

A good quality wetsuit should provide flexibility and be comfortable to wear, so get fitted in a wetsuit that fits properly. The wetsuit should also be breathable, so you don't heat up too quickly, and its material should not be abrasive against your skin.

In addition, you will want to look for a wetsuit with watertight seams and thick material that will wear well and provide warm layers of protection. You can check here and shop for wetsuits for women.


Surfing tips for beginners, wax is an essential component of surfing accessories. It allows surfers to maintain traction on their surfboard while paddling or riding a wave. Whether surfing in the warm waters of a Hawaiian summer or the cold shores of California, wax is a necessary component of any surfboard.

Different waxes are available to address other water temperatures, and selecting the suitable resin can significantly improve the grip on one's board. Wax comes in various forms, from the standard rub-on resin to more complex compounds that boost traction.


A leash is an essential piece of gear for surfing for beginners that keeps the board attached to the surfer and is an absolute must for safety reasons. As a beginner, a relatively long, 7-8 foot leash should be the go-to for maximum maneuverability and comfort. The tail of the leash should possess a quick-release mechanism that allows for an easy disconnect of the board from the ankle or calf.

The leash should also feature a velcro/swivel that connects to the board. A velcro/swivel helps with tangles, allowing the board and surfer to move in multiple directions without attaching.

Take Note of These Essential Surfing Gear

Surfing is a fun and rewarding experience, and with the right surfing gear, even a beginner can feel confident in the water. Take advantage of the ride, and check out our wide selection of beginner surfing gear.

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