Zimbabwean Women

South African men have opened up on why they seem to find it hard for them to be in relationships with Zimbabwean women – something their female counterparts seem to be enjoying so much.South African Men Reveal Why They Do Not Date Zimbabwean Women (Image Credit: Raw Pixel)

A recent poll on Twitter shows that South African men do not like to date Zimbabwean women for a number of reasons ranging from personal preferences to nasty and denigrating excuses.

Previous social media polls have rather shown that Zimbabwean men are South African women’s ‘Je ne sais quoi‘ as they forever sing their praises on social media. The same cannot, however, be said about Zimbabwean women to South African men, social media claims.

The ‘openmindedness’ nature of South African women when it comes to dating outside their culture came to light when one Twitter user Mr Mpedi asked: “South African men why you are not dating women from Zimbabwe?”

Responses to the question did not come as a surprise for many.

“Imagine having a child with them, and they name my child philosophy,” one user jokingly responded.

Many of the reasons seemed to be sentiments fairly shared by most South African men.

“Yerrr elokhwapha dzimura!!!” (meaning most of them have armpit stench) said one user whose response seemed to be the most liked.

“Majority of them are not appetizing,” said another while some agreed to the comment: “I don’t find them attractive, SA huns have raised the bar too high.”

The reasons have since sparked furore online as some users found them offensive.

Some netizens believe such polls were exposing women to insults and degrading comments from South African men.

“The last time I saw a question like this on Twitter, the responses were nothing but outright denigrating, belittling and insulting to Zim women. Ya neh!,” said one user.

“I hate these questions because the person asking this already knows that the comments will bash these women, you guys are disgusting, you can do anything for engagements nx,” added another.