An online payment system is what almost every business thrives on. In the fast-payment world that we live in today, not having a card payment option is tantamount to doing your business a disservice. Similarly, for eCommerce websites, the 'card not present transaction payment model makes it impossible to have a reliable payment method.

Payment processing companies link a business's merchant account to its payment gateway. In other words, these third-party companies allow merchants to receive credit or debit card payments online while evaluating the transaction before it is approved or disapproved.

There are numerous payment processing companies around today. Therefore, this article will highlight the best payment processing companies in the United Kingdom.

Best Payment Processing Companies in the UK

1. PurePay

PurePay is one of the top payment processing companies in the UK. It offers 24/7 online payment solutions that are seamless, fast, and secure to eCommerce businesses. They offer payment options in Europe and North America at highly competitive rates. They also accept alternative payment methods and worldwide cryptocurrency payments without hidden charges.

2. Worldpay

Wordplay is the UK's most renowned payment processing company, with half of the country's entire transactions being processed by them. Wordplay is open to small-scale and large-scale businesses and lets merchants receive payments in over 120 currencies worldwide.

3. Stripe

Stripe offers merchants the opportunity to integrate a payment gateway into their website so their customers can make card payments without getting redirected. They accept over 135 currencies worldwide, and their services are relatively cheap.

4. Sage Pay

With over 500,000 businesses and millions of payments processed monthly, Sage Pay is another company that offers payment solutions in the UK. They have no hidden charges, and you can receive payments from your merchant within 48 hours instead of the ubiquitous 7 business days.

5. Square

Square is another less-pricey payment processing company in the United Kingdom. They offer various free features that small businesses can enjoy and low transaction fees.

6. Shopify

With Shopify, you have the total package. They let you build your eCommerce website, synchronize it with over 4000 apps and plugins, and function as a payment gateway for transactions.

7. Braintree

Braintree is an extension of the PayPal brand that specialises in online and mobile payment solutions for eCommerce businesses. They accept over 120 currencies worldwide and offer low rates alongside zero setup fees, making them affordable for small businesses.

8. PayPal

PayPal has become a household name in the payment processing business. It is reliable, fast, and effortlessly processes payments.

9. Amazon Pay

Amazon is an eCommerce business, and with Amazon Pay, it is easier for customers to check out when they place orders. With their 1-click payment model, they have won the trust of many customers.


Many UK online retailers opt for the payment solution because of its customizable features. It is one of the foremost UK payment processing companies and has over 400,000 merchant accounts under its care.

Final Thoughts

Many payment processing companies work with any payment gateway in the United Kingdom. However, at, they have the security and technology to handle payment transactions for both small and enterprise-level businesses. And provide quick and seamless payment processing services with the highest level of professionalism and safety.