Since the first Star Wars movie graced our screens over 45 years ago, the Star Wars universe has expanded at an increasing rate. Star Wars fans have always shown their love of the force through different means, such as; collecting different memorabilia from the franchise and organising fan meet-ups and conventions. In recent times, lightsaber duelling has become quite the sensation amongst Star Wars faithful. Because of how interactive replica lightsabers are these days, these duels are fantastic.

Because of how popular lightsaber duelling has become, the market is flooded with several different types and designs of replica lightsabers, each with unique features. However, not all lightsabers are on the same level. Some are designed to be duel-ready, while others are for show and cosplay. If you're interested in feeling the full effects of the force, these are some considerations to help you pick the best duel-ready lightsaber.

Blade Considerations

Regarding lightsaber duels, not all blades are suitable for intense combat conditions. The most common blade types you can find with replica lightsabers are regular, mid-grade, ultra-edge and heavy-grade blades. You want a highly durable edge for lightsaber duelling, so a thick-walled or heavy-grade blade (at least one inch in diameter) made of solid plastic is your best bet. Replica lightsabers with mid-grade or thinner blades should only be used for light and casual sparring, as they are lightweight and designed to bend when they strike a surface. For more severe and intense combat, a neopixel lightsaber with a heavy-grade blade is the only way to go.

Hilt Considerations

As mentioned earlier, not all lightsabers are designed for duelling. Hilt design is a crucial consideration when choosing a replica lightsaber for duelling. This is because the hilt is the lightsaber part that houses the power source, the blade emitter, and the activator switch. The size and shape of the hilt will also significantly affect the handgrip, so you mustn't go for a hilt just because of its looks.

A duelling lightsaber will have to endure hard hits during combat, and the last thing you want is for the blade to be jarred loose from the hilt every time it takes a hit. Typically, a replica lightsaber used for heavy duelling should have more than one or two retention screws holding the blade at the blade emitter (at the top of the hilt). This is to hold the lightsaber blade sturdy as it is being hit with full swinging force during combat.

Apart from being sturdy, a duelling lightsaber should also have a hilt that uses a powerful LED to illuminate the blade. An RGB lightsaber (a lightsaber with multiple-LED colour options built into the hilt) is a good choice here. The hilt should also have a good soundboard with multiple options and a speaker to produce clear-motion sound effects. The batteries should also last longer, and the lightsaber should have good power-saving abilities.


Lightsaber duelling has become increasingly popular amongst Star Wars fans and other individuals looking for fun ways to engage themselves actively. Unfortunately, not all replica lightsabers are designed for duels. The duelling lightsaber you choose should have a good-quality blade (preferably a heavy-grade blade) and an even better-quality hilt.