Conservatories are a great add-on to any home. They create an extra liveable space that can be used for several different purposes, such as; a home office, an additional kitchen or dining room, a guest room, a sunroom, a TV room, and even a playroom for the kids. An aesthetically pleasing conservatory adds value to your property. Still, like everything else, your home's conservatory won't maintain its beautiful appearance forever - at least not without your proactive efforts.

Over time, wear and tear and weather conditions can cause the paintwork on your conservatory to lose its lustre or peel. When this happens, the paintwork of your conservatory can be rejuvenated with spray paint.

Conservatory spray painting is an excellent and cost-effective way of breathing new life into an old, dull conservatory. Spray painting your conservatory is a worthy investment to make as a homeowner, and you reap many benefits from it. However, if you're still on the fence about things, here are helpful answers to some common questions homeowners have about conservatory spray painting.

Can my Conservatory be Spray Painted in a Different Colour?

The answer is yes. Although older conservatories are mainly constructed with unpainted timber or the traditional white uPVC, you have no reason to stick with those colours. You can have your conservatory spray painted in any colour and finish.

Who Should Spray Paint my Conservatory?

Although you might be tempted to take on conservatory spray painting as a DIY project, you mustn't do it. Spray painting a conservatory is complicated, especially with its large size, intricate framework, and complex structure. Attempting to paint it yourself would take a lot of your time, and you might end up with disappointing results. The best thing you can do is to let a team of expert spray painters like PBM Paints carry out the spray painting process, as this is the only way to guarantee a flawless finish.

What Types of Conservatories can be Sprayed?

Most conservatories can be sprayed, from uPVC/PVC and wooden/timber conservatories to aluminium/metal conservatories and orangeries.

How Long will the Conservatory Spray Painting Last?

When done professionally and with the right quality paint, conservatory spray paint provides a high-quality finish that will look nothing short of amazing for many years. The painted finish will maintain its lustre for a long time and will not peel or fade regardless of the weather conditions.

How Much Does Conservatory Spray Painting Cost?

The cost of spray painting your conservatory will vary depending on several factors. These include; your location, the size of your conservatory, the type of paintwork (spraying internal or external frames or both) and, of course, the spray painting company you hire.

What are the Benefits of Conservatory Spray Painting?

Spray painting your conservatory has many benefits, including; giving your old-fashioned conservatory a modern look, cheaper and better for the environment than a replacement, and a long-lasting finish, easy maintenance, and improved kerb appeal.


Conservatories are a great addition to any property, and having them professionally spray painted is one the best ways to transform their appearance. Hopefully, the answers provided above help address your concerns about conservatory spray painting.