Starting as a meme coin, DOGE is received well by the audience for many reasons. First, the Shiba Inu logo is one of the primary reasons for the meme coin’s popularity. It was supposed to be a funnier version of Bitcoin. Then, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk raised the popularity of the altcoin to 3200% through his tweets. He also said he would accept Dogecoins for Tesla’s payment.

Now, the Doge community is aiming towards valuing the coin at $1 to cement its place in the market. Enthusiasts have gone as far as 2030 to predict how the meme coin will survive in the industry. Let’s see how the community has predicted the rise of cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin’s Prediction for 2030

Analysts are comparing the market trends of the altcoin and have seen a significant rise in 2022, making it a good investment for the remnant of this year and the next. They also speculate that the token's value will exceptionally increase till 2030. But looking at its market turbulence and the factors changing its price, they don’t seem confident that the currency will reach $10 soon.

Experts have predicted some of the conditions that DOGE might surpass, but they seem outdated due to market trends. But there are some things that all the experts and the community members agree upon, which will undoubtedly affect DOGE’s price.

1. Social Media Influencers

These people run the crypto market through their tweets and social media trends. As said before, Elon Musk lifted Dogecoin from the bottom and helped it reach t the top. He did the same with Bitcoin. He tweeted that the company has invested $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin, and the crypto’s price rose to a historic $68,000. Then when concerns about the intensive power usage in the mining of Bitcoin were raised, Elon acknowledged that, and BTC dramatically dropped to $21,000 in a few months.

2. Brokerages and Exchanges

Most exchanges and brokerages support Dogecoin, like, but some prominent ones, like Coinbase, still haven’t accepted it. So, DOGE receives more and more support from other companies and exchanges, it will change its course of the journey, and there might be a possibility of the altcoin reaching the popularity heights of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

3. Convenience & Accessibility

Due to its low price, Dogecoin is accessible to traders that are new to the crypto platform or are looking for extra investment options. Many influential personalities back the currency, so people are willing to take the risk as they know it will stay in the market. The altcoin’s price is expected to remain in people’s range, so more and more people will buy it, and by 2030, they might profit from their savings.

4. The feeling of Missing Out

FOMO drives people to buy this currency because people want to stay with the trends. A small investment that isn’t even close to a dollar won’t harm anyone, so people blindly invest in it. It might profit them extensively in the upcoming years or lead to a tragic loss. Experts are confident that DOGE won’t diminish, but it will surely go through the normal fluctuations that every other currency has to go through.

Final Thoughts

Dogecoin is a promising currency, and Metaverse might adopt it too in its in-game platforms. If you want to build a perfect investment, DOGE is the best choice. Maintain market awareness to avoid significant losses or blunders. 2030 might become a good year for Dogecoin, and the people’s support might make it reach the $10 value sooner than we expect.