Web 3 Business

Several examples of Web3 entrepreneurs who built profitable businesses are undoubtedly already in your thoughts. However, there aren't many places to learn about the strategies used by these game-changing Web3 firms. It is not easy to deduce the causes and processes behind their achievement.

We may still learn from and get insight into successful Web3 firms, even though specific facts remain confidential forever. This post will discuss the top ten pieces of advice we've gathered from Web3 company owners that you may find helpful in your Web3 venture.

Do Not Feel Compelled To Promote Web3 At Every Opportunity

This is a useful lesson I've seen for a wide variety of pioneering Web 3.0 businesses. Do not utilize a lot of Web3 lingoes like cryptocurrencies, NFT, and blockchain if you want to launch an innovative and ambitious Web3 product that will become mainstream. The situation would get more convoluted. Unfortunately, many people still have misconceptions about Web3. The meaning is lost on most people. Most people have a negative impression of Web3 and blockchain because of the negative connotations they may have with scams and illicit activity. Therefore, I am here in another form.

Create A Product Or Service Rather Than A Token.

One typical mistake made by Web 3.0 entrepreneurs is focusing first on their token rather than their offer/product, which would increase the token's use. It's the equivalent of putting up a roof before a home is complete. If you use a token for your project, it should be a part of what you're offering rather than the main attraction. Similar to how Ethereum Trader first functioned.

Customer Needs Come First!

Web2 is loaded with offers. You'll have to conduct your little investigating if you wish to join in on the fun. Most questions have many answers that are comparable to your search. As a result, consumers today expect more from a product than simply a satisfactory response to a pressing need. Therefore, your project should revolve around a real-world issue for which there is no simple answer and which offers additional value. Every decision must be justified by some advantage to your end customers.

The Finest User Interface/User Experience, For All

The design is always a component of the experience and, as a result, the adoption. If a customer has trouble using the product on their first try, they will remain a nonuser forever. It's a crazy rule, but if a customer can't figure out what to do with your product, he may not bother.

Build And Run

As much as we'd want to believe otherwise, despite the seemingly constant coverage of massive fundraising events, it takes a long time to bring in the necessary finances. And in the first stages, it might be worthless and even limiting. Due to our ability to concentrate on the product and organic development, we can sometimes postpone fundraising and achieve excellent outcomes.

Branding's Crucial Role

Again, in a burgeoning but still misunderstood business, your project's visual appeal and brand recognition will play a significant role in its widespread acceptance. Web3 users tend to be tech-savvy and forward-thinking, which explains the prevalence of futuristic and technically advanced logos and graphics. To create a visual cosmos accessible to everyone and doesn't terrify them, you have to go outside this narrow range.

Be Open And Honest.

As a result of its opaque nature, Web2 has lost its appeal to the vast majority of its users. For instance, the ability to see precisely how their money is being spent would be an example of data transparency. The easiest method to establish a culture of trust in your business is to tell them the same things you would tell your mother about the project.


The third generation of the Internet places a premium on transparency, and users have come to demand complete disclosure of how their personal information and financial resources are used. Instead of thinking just about your bottom line, consider your customer's requirements and how you can best meet those needs with your web 3.0 company.